Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Canadian Conservatives and their dirty dealings book

Cry me a river, but who has been using their manual to create the very chaos they have been whining about? Oh yeah, the Canadian Conservatives.

Last year, the governing Conservatives prepared a secret handbook on how to disrupt parliamentary committees and create chaos. No mere pamphlet, the book ran to 200 pages.

(2oo pages of manipulative machinations)

It instructed committee chairmen to select blatantly biased witnesses and tutor them in advance. It gave the chairmen pointers on how to obstruct parliamentary business, to storm out of meetings if necessary.

(biased and coached witnesses, throw a hissy fit)

Team Harper never expected its opus to be made public. But the media got hold and the headlines poured forth - "Tories blasted for handbook on paralyzing Parliament" and the like.

Liberal Ralph Goodale noted how it was rather peculiar to see the government getting its knickers in a knot over a dysfunctional, chaotic Parliament when, in fact, "the government's deliberate plan is to cause a dysfunctional, chaotic Parliament."

We thought the Grits were bad, chimed in the New Democrat, Libby Davies. But these guys, she said, were taking the gutter stuff to a new level. "They've codified it."

The Prime Minister's Office had all the committee chairmen return their dirty-tricks texts.

( No doubt once returned , they then quickly redistributed them)

Given the Conservatives' red-handed embarrassment, it was expected that they might show a touch more temerity in the future.

Not these honchos. As was clear at the House of Commons ethics committee hearings this week on the so-called in-and-out scheme, their parliamentary chaos manual is alive and thriving. It's had yet another printing.

In committee, Conservative campaign director Doug Finley showed his version of contempt for the process, demanding that he, and only he, would dictate when he would testify. (channeling Karl Rove) He finally had to be forcibly removed from the hearing room. For their part, Conservative MPs ignored summonses to testify.

servants of the people???

please read in all it's ugly entirety, it is disgusting, I was seeing shades of the US Bush administration all through this and that is no surprise as PM Harper is occasionally knows as little Bush or Bush-lite.

Good ending though:

There are good reasons for an election this fall. Everybody's patience has been tried long enough. But this week's show of flim-flam should not be allowed to be the trigger. It was crybaby stuff. If the Harper boys don't get their own way, they stamp their feet and start bawling at bad treatment from others and make big-time threats - forgetting all the while what they had put down in their own playbook.


  1. If I was to say that there's no future in this kind of behaviour, would that say more about the 'behaviour' or the 'future'?

    These shenanigans should see the conservatives crucified at the next election. So why are they doing it?

    When people behave in a fashion that's at odds with what we all think the future holds, maybe their understanding of the future is different to ours. Can you dig it?

    In 25 words or less complete the following sentence - The Conservatives think they won't get hammered at the next election because...

  2. The Conservatives think they won't get hammered at the next election because...

    The mainstream media has successfully brainwashed the majority of Canadians into believing that the neocon way is the best. The cooperation by the Liberals in choosing a non-electable leader in Dion, simply proves there is NO difference in the ruling elites.


  3. - The Conservatives think they won't get hammered at the next election because...

    the people of Canada are 'convinced' the Conservatives are doing a good job and Dion is promoting the unpopular carbon tax, at election time?

  4. Oh Hello!

    You didn't have to do that, you know. I was just being rhetorical. Still... interesting!

    Anyway, me being mad, my bit would have read ...because there won't be any elections.

    I only say this so that I can be proven spectacularly wrong later, ha ha.

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  6. oops sorry - not enough coffee in me yet:

    Well nobody, if we end up with martial law in the event of a global war (read an attack on iran) then no, there won't be elections and Stevie boy will continue shoving his head up you know who's butt, sadly dragging all us Kanucks along with him.

    There spelling fixed - sorta ;)

  7. but there must be elections, or that facade of them, barring any really spectacular happening.

    without an election the facade of democracy would crumble