Friday, August 1, 2008

Greyhound bus incident-updated with RCMP Press Release

This hits the news right while I am reading the "Programmed to Kill" book?!

This news story is beyond bizarre, emotionless killer, silent, wearing sunglasses through the entire slaughter.

Random victim, 20 yrs old, stabbed 50-60 times, beheaded, gutted and acts of cannabalism on a grey-hound bus?

An ordinary means of travel for ordinary people.

I'll post the links, you read for yourself.........................

Man on Greyhound bus headed to Winnipeg stabbed, then beheaded victim: passenger

RCMP Release Few Details

Police don't know what prompted vicious bus attack

there are video interviews there.

Perp has been taken into custody, no name, not questioned yet?

Look at WRH , Rivero's comment to the linked story:
"Testing out a new type of programmed assassin?"

His link is to the Globe & Mail

One more thing, give this a listen:

I had a link to Shaw previously, but it has been taken down.

Listen below


Much thanks to "Beyond 90 seconds", for the audio.
check them out

The suspect is reported as an asian male on the audio, this is the first I have heard of that

Signing off as one freaked person today.

RCMP have charged Vince Weiguang Li, 40

and more, victim not sleeping, awake , listening to music and texting

2nd update :

Suspect in beheading makes silent court appearance

When asked by Mr. Pollack if he wanted a lawyer, Mr. Li said nothing, keeping his head down the entire time. However, when the judge asked him if he was exercising his right not to speak, Mr. Li reportedly nodded his head

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Myself, like I said, sign me freaked out.


  1. Hi Pen,

    Yeah, my first thought too.

    Programmed killer, mind control. This one is just TOO wierd to be a one off nutbar.

  2. did you listen to the MP3?
    found it posted elsewhere on line.

  3. Hiya Pen,

    I think they (Shaw) must have taken the mp3 down.

    All I got when I pasted the url was "Page Not Found"

    hmmmm, perhaps I'll google or youtube it.

    ciao for now


  4. okay i listened to it here

    Why didn't the cops friggin shot his ass????

    What they can taser kids and middle aged men to death, but can't blow a way a lunatic like this Li guy??

    How disgusting.

  5. Was that you Buffy? Good point. Canadian cops do carry guns yeah? Mind you, I expect that they're only allowed to shoot someone if under threat. Not that that counts for a pinch of shit with tasers. I think the law for tasers is 'taser early, taser often'.

    Otherwise I can't wait to see the shakeout on this one. WRH has it? Cool, I'm off there now. If the battery doesn't flake out. But keep up on it Pen. I'll definitely be checking in here with you. Ciao ciao.

    PS I do prefer the open comments thing. I wouldn't dare do it at my place though...

  6. The other question that will almost certainly not be addressed is what kind of medication he was on. Remember that Korean guy? The media glossed over whatever drugs he was on as if it was nothing. No surprises there. But there's a whole bunch of drugs that have a 'wig-out' side effect to them. Worth keeping an eye on.

  7. Haha nobody - wig out!! I love it haven't heard that term in eons!! :)

    You have a really good point about the meds though. So many esp. the SSRI's seem to have very adverse effects on quite a few individuals.

    (Oh and yeah it was me - just kinda lazy I guess - forgot my own moniker!)

    ~ Buffy