Friday, August 8, 2008

All the war news anyone can stand.

With all the news on the horrific murder in Canada, I realize there is much going on elsewhere in the rest of the world, and this too, is important news.

One event that I have always watched has been the ongoing strife in Georgia, and her two break-away provinces Ossetia and Abkhazia. Things have definitely taken a turn for the worse there in recent days. Ossetia and Abkhazia have had defacto independence for nearly twenty years now, Georgia doesn't want, what it calls, it's territory broken up. Of course their are oil interests at stake here.

The fighting presented the most dangerous crisis in years in the Caucasus region, a key conduit for the flow of oil from the Caspian sea to world markets and an area where violent conflict has flared along the Russia’s outskirts for centuries, most recently in Chechnya.

It looks like Georgia has attacked Ossetia at this point in time, both by air and land.

" Georgian troops and warplanes pounded separatist forces around the capital of its breakaway South Ossetia region"
With Russia threatening retaliation for the attack, as Russian citizens were killed in the attack.

This coupled with the virtual OK, given by Condoleeza Rice, for an attack on Iran, by Israel.

Rice: US won't tell Israel yes or no

Makes a 3rd world war seem just on the horizon

Updated: Georgian army moves to retake South Ossetia
dramatic video available at story


  1. WRT Rice and Israel - what makes anyone think that Israhell will listen to the US? She never has before - she won't now.

    There are factions in the Israeli government who are having wet dreams about nuking Iran. These are the same warmongers who helped supply the lies needed to take out Iraq.

    Isn't it nice that Israel has the biggest military force in the world to fight all her wars for her eh?

    Time to cut these thugs loose. You want to attack Iran? Fine - do it by your lonesome.

    NO more American (and Canadian since we signed the security treaty with them) lives for israhell.

  2. I don't think in this case Israel needs to listen to the US, I think the US, like I said has given the ok,in not so many words, to the attack.

    Which is exactly what Israel is looking for, then the US will step in.

    The US wants this war, IMO, as much as Israel.

    (Not necessarily the people of either country, though)

  3. Agreed, as those who are ruling both lands are pretty much the same ideological clan.

    In Israel one is accused of being a self-hating traitor, in the US one is accused of being an 'anti-semite' if one dares to speak out about Usreal policies vis a vis the Mid-East.

    Yet it is these policies that bring about the anger and disgust of the rest of the world - with no wonder. Both lands have become what they 'profess' to hate.

    Hey Pen - if Israel does attack Iran will Canada be involved? Hmmm? What about that security treaty we signed with them? And don't forget Harper's confessed love for all things Israeli (like the 2006 Lebanon War?).

    Look later at my blog - I'll have something up there wrt this issue.

  4. hey maggie;
    i'll be there,I was thinking, is this a diversionary tactic cooked up between the US and Georgia?

    Remember I posted here sometime ago,that the US had brought troops to Georgia, for "training" The Us has already denied that their troops are participating in the attack, which I don't believe.

    What if this is a diversionary tactic, between the Olympics and this escalation in the Caucasus region? With the media really occupied.

    This is the ideal time for Israel to launch the attack on Iran, and the US to join in.

    I additionally note there are two more warships on the way to the region.

    I understand there are twenty thousand journalists in China, that is approximately 3 for every one competitor.

    Now you have the eyes of the world further diverted again......