Monday, September 1, 2008

Texas State Troopers policing in Canada!

This story has North American Union written all over it. August 28, 2008
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RCMP erred in using Texas Rangers, report says

VANCOUVER — The RCMP contravened its own policy by allowing direct policing in British Columbia by Texas state troopers, the body that investigates complaints against the force says in a new report.

During an investigation involving the troopers, the force also had one of its own members conduct an impaired driving probe without proper grounds, detain the motorist unlawfully and search his vehicle unlawfully.

The findings are in a report released by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP and sparked by a complaint from the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

RCMP Commissioner William Elliott accepted the findings and almost all the commission's recommendations involving the program called Operation Pipeline Convoy.

The civil-liberties group took its complaints to the complaints commission in 2005, but a lengthy delay by the RCMP in responding to the 2006 interim report meant it took longer than expected for the final report to be released.

In a letter to the commission, Mr. Elliott promised to ensure that the program was reviewed in keeping with a recommendation “to assess whether policing techniques shared and learned during these exchanges are fully compliant with Canadian law and the Charter.”

He also agreed with a key recommendation that “foreign police officers are formally provided policing status if they are to be exercising policing powers in Canada.”

The commission said that during the Operation Pipeline exercise, two Texas state troopers and two RCMP members stopped a car twice based on suspicion of criminal activity.

“Troopers were involved in both stops of the motorist in question,” the report said, adding “Texas state troopers were engaged in direct policing, contrary to RCMP policy.”

The report said that if the RCMP continues to engage in police exchanges it should formalize the status, such as by seeking status as special constable for foreign officers.

No foreign officers acting as/on or against Canadians, period! Sounds to much like occupation, or integration or as stated North American Union preperations


  1. He also agreed with a key recommendation that “foreign police officers are formally provided policing status if they are to be exercising policing powers in Canada.”

    Err...okay - IOW - nothing will change and we'll have yanks up here acting as cops.


    Why don't we just get it over with and become the 52nd state??? At least then we could exercise some 'state' rights (what little are left) and perhaps even vote for the POTUS.

    I mean really - they own us all already? Why bother any longer with the charade that we're 'soveriegn'.

    What a f****** joke.

    ~ Buffy

  2. Dear Texas State Troopers,

    I formally invite you to come and police us in Australia. We are a large land sort of to the West and South of the United States. I recommend you initially head West going to Los Angeles. Once there, head to Santa Monica. When you see the pier just drive down it and keep going. It's a short pier but don't let that stop you taking a long drive.

    Enjoy the trip!

  3. lol, witty.

    I don't think americans want to be policed by Canadians that is what they have their own police forces for.

    North American union preperations is all it is.