Monday, September 1, 2008

Was increased bus security already in the planning?

As mentioned, increased bus security measures, had long been in the pipeline. It is doubtful Canadians were even aware of the ongoing negotiations , and of course, prior to this incident Canadians would think the tax expenditures are not worth it, but the slaying will surely have them clamoring for it, and other security measures.
I had saved this one after the news of the attack had broke.

Greyhound and Transport Canada in Safety Talks
Greyhound Canada is currently awaiting funding from Transport Canada that will see stronger safety measures for bus passengers, an official for the company said.

The two sides have been in discussions for the past year-and-a-half and Greyhound Canada is currently waiting for funding from the government, Abby Wambugh, a spokeswoman with Greyhound and Greyhound Canada said.

Wambugh said she was unsure of how much funding Transport Canada may make available for safety measures.

another article:

Discussion Topic: Bus security under microscope

Greyhound Canada received $285,000 from the federal Transit-Secure program in April 2007 to develop a risk assessment and a security plan, said Maryse Durette, a Transport Canada spokeswoman. The plan will be modelled on a federal code of practice for security in the surface transport industry, which is not yet public, Durette said.

So Transport Canada gives 285,000 taxpayers dollars for Greyhound Canada to do a risk assessment study? Just me thinking out loud , but aren't those the kind of things private business should undertake on their own dollars?

Specific information about Greyhound's security plan is not yet available.

"I suspect the event (in Portage la Prairie) will trigger some changes in the way operators do business," said Durette.
Why would the incident on the bus be considered the catalyst , when it is clear that in April 2007, one and a half years ago, the necessary funds were already given to Greyhound to do a security study?

In 2005, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security approved $10 million for an intercity bus-security grant program, under which bus companies may get funds for changing vehicles to better protect the driver and passenger. The program could also include baggage-screening programs aimed at preventing bombs, and biological or radiological devices.

oh yeah and one more thing, if you missed it above.
The plan will be modelled on a federal code of practice for security in the surface transport industry, which is not yet public, Durette said.
So did the Canadian government ALREADY have security ideas for the transportation industry, not just long distance, but local, that will now be made easier to swallow, because of the attack on the Greyhound?


  1. Hey Penny and Nobody:
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  2. adultswithepilepsy : Message: Epilepsy & Unuathorized CIA MK-ULTRA ...
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    Penny, you might have already been aware of this.


  3. effie: I am going to check this out, thanks.

    I thought the MK Ultra at McGill ended long ago, or so the masses were told.

    Yeah, effie, I am familiar with it all. It factors so interestingly with politica agendas.

    In Dave McGowans book, many of the serial killers were MK Ultra subjects.

    Did you happen to see the two documentaries I had posted here, wrt this topic.

    Did you catch the latest post?
    The rcmp moved the passengers to the front of the bus, from the back so they could witness the going's on, why?