Friday, October 31, 2008

A Christian warlord, with interesting friends and associates.

Congo's maverick warlord who kills in the name of Christianity

General Laurent Nkunda is a contradiction. An urbane jungle-dweller; an evangelical Christian warlord; a cerebral military strategist who unleashes awful brutality; a tribal protector and father of six who recruits children into his ranks; a patriot who wages war and steals the resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

General Nkunda sometimes dresses in smartly pressed camouflage fatigues with a beret and a gold-topped cane, at other times in warlord chic with dark sunglasses, cowboy hat and a badge emblazoned with the slogan “Rebels for Christ”.

What I don't get? Why is he a contradiction? Because he is a christian warlord? An evangelical christian warlord ? Is that the contradiction? If that is so, that is a load of nonsense. As if "christians" are foreign to murder and warfare?
Where is the contradiction? How is this man not doing anything that hasn't been done by an good Christian leader in the west? Hmm, didn't the American troops in Iraq, kill for God, a christian God also?

This little tidbit is rather interesting:

Armed with a sense of righteousness fortified by visiting American evangelical Christian groups, Nkunda has in recent months been carrying out attacks against village after village.
Wondering is he emboldened by the Christian Evangelicals alone, or is there more?

As if the relationship with the American Christian Evangelicals isn't enought to have one pondering who stands behind this man? The "friendship" with Paul Kagame just makes inquiring minds want to know even more.

Paul Kagame, Graduate, Command and General Staff College, Fort Levenworth
( a graduate school for US Military Leaders)
The man who had a hand in the Rwandan genocide. Aided by the US.

This article makes it even more clear, that there are indeed good reasons to wonder who stands behind and beside, the Christian war criminal/warlord

US-Rwandan backed general, Laurent Nkunda, to ‘liberate’ Congo again- Watch out!

Keith Harmon Snow, is the man on this subject!

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