Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meet Obama's National Security Adviser Gen. James L. Jones (at a glance)

Retired General James L. Jones has been appointed by President-Elect Barack Obama as National Security Advisor.

James is a four-star general who served as senior military assistant to Defense Secretary William Cohen during President Clinton second term. Clinton also appointed Jones as 32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps and he served as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO from January 2003 – December 2006.

He has a reputation as “one of the best-connected officers in the and he is no stranger to the arenas of corporate capitalism or the think-tank world. He is Trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think-tank chaired by Sam Nunn He is also chairman of the Atlantic Council of the United States.

Further, Jones is President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce affiliated, Institute for 21st Century Energy. Check out their open letter to the 44th President, which calls for immediate expansion of domestic oil and natural gas exploration and production, commitment to expand nuclear energy use and commitment to use clean coal.

Jones sits on the Board of Directors of both Chevron Corporation (also with Sam Nunn) and The Boeing Company, which manufactures military aircrafts, defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information information and communications systems. Jones is also on the Board of Directors of Invacare Corporation a leading US manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment for use in homes.

Additionally, he is on the Board of Directors of Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a provider of identity management solutions including, “fingerprint and palm scanners, facial recognition solutions, [and] iris capture devices.”

In an interview with Sea Power Magazine in November 2002, Jones praised the role of technology and transformation in the advancement of military supremacy: “We will truly be able to accomplish missions like Afghanistan without breaking a sweat,” he said. http://www.navyleague.org/sea_power/nov_02_11.php

Jones is an advocate of a “Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Initiative,” an “interagency plan to combat terrorism in trans-Saharan Africa using a range of political, economic and security tools.” The bulk of this strategy is aimed at funding, training, and supplying arms to a professional African security force, which will take directions from the United States and NATO.

"Africa's vast potential makes African stability a near-term global strategic imperative," Jones said. "Development of effective security structures in Africa will establish the foundation for future success." http://osd.dtic.mil/news/Mar2006/20060308_4428.html


  1. Sickening. It appears like Obama is going to govern the planet like a smarter, more ruthless George Bush.

    Stay tuned for more Canadian soldiers being sent off to die for the "...development of effective security structures in Africa."

    You know, the U.S. will never call a draft. Why would they when they can just use soldiers from friendly countries like Canada to do their dirty work them.

  2. Sadly I disagree with the US draft part. I firmly believe that a formal draft is just around the corner in the US.

    early this year a pact was signed by both the US and Canada to the effect that in the event of civil unrest US troops could be stationed in Canada and that Canadian troops could be stationed in the US. I wonder why?

    Perhaps it's because US troops would find it easyer to kill Canadians citizens than US citizens and the reverse would also apply.

    I also firmly believe that the shit is about to hit the fan in Canada just like it will in the US and it's well past time to stock up on weapons and amunition, one will still end up dead but it's better to die on ones feet than to live on ones knees.

  3. Why is anyone surprised? I mean really? The corruption has been smoldering for decades. It's now ignited and burning through what little was left of all the various democracies of the Western World.

    Doug said it best: Bush paved the way to hell and Obama is opening the gates - wide!!

    The system, as it stands now, will never allow anyone who hasn't been vetted by the PTB to get anywhere near the halls of 'power'. This works everywhere- not just in the US.

    We, in Canada, are no better off.

  4. It does appear that Obama is going to govern in a more ruthless manner, and we are going to like it.

    He will speak in an eloquent manner, and rule with an iron fist.

    Isn't this the way with the democratic party though?

    WAsn't Clinton about the same?

    good speaker, extremely personable, but meanwhile......
    he was bombing Iraq, Serbia, Somalia, sanctions that were killing by the millions....

    To the draft:
    Isn't wacky emmanuel rham or is it obama proposing something along the lines of mandatory service, just like Israel does?

    Did I read or hear that somewhere?

    Canada: what the hell is going on here?
    This current crisis and recent development (prorogue)
    I am highly suspicious of this entire scenario.