Monday, April 20, 2009

Latest Episode in the Pirates of Somalia soap opera

The latest on the somali 'pirates' have them attempting, or so it is reported, to board a Norwegian tanker. A 150,000 ton tanker

Good thing that the tanker took evasive moves, causing the pirates to FLEE.

"Seven pirates attempted to attack the Norwegian-flagged MV Front Ardenne late Saturday but fled after crew took evasive maneuvers and alerted warships in the area"

So the tanker, taking evasive maneuvers on it's own was able to avoid be pirated, and even caused the pirates to flee.

Not to be outdone, though the Canadian warship , the HMCS Winnipeg, turned off it's lights and chased the fleeing pirate skiff for seven hours!

How big is the HMCS Winnipeg? Reading the link, it is very big, it has it's own weapons and comes with it's own helicopter. It has a speed of 30+knots.

Amazingly this ship chased the fleeing pirate skiff for 7 hours with it's lights off?
The ships spokesperson is quoted as saying "We blocked their path," said Michael McWhinnie, a spokesperson on the ship. "We were faster and surprisingly more manoeuvrable than the pirate skiff."

Now, who knows exactly what a skiff is? I didn't, and I had to go check it out.
None of the news article describe the skiff. Though the Norwegian tanker is described and the HMCS Winnipeg was described in a different article. There was no description of the mighty pirate skiff ?

Thinking this must be one hell of a boat! I mean to attempt to board a 150,000 ton tanker and have a patrol frigate chase it for 7 hours in the dark, this boat had better be amazing.

What is this 'skiff''?

The term skiff is used, and has been used, to refer to many various types of small boats.
The skiff can be powered by sails, oars or a motor. The skiff is typically small flat-bottomed open boat with a pointed bow and a flat stern.

Here are some Somali pirates in their skiff

What about 20-24 feet long, with an outboard motor. Did the fleeing skiff finally run out of gas while being pursued by the HMCS Winnipeg. Does this boat or any of the other pirate skiffs seem a match for any of the tankers or armed boats patrolling the Gulf of Aden?

Like I asked yesterday, are these big ships allowing themselves to be boarded or what?

Oh and btw, Prime Minister Harper is very proud of the Canadian ship and it's crew.
Harper praises crew for foiling pirate attack

Last week President Obama was proud this week PM Harper is proud.
I am thinking all the western leaders will have an opportunity soon to be "proud" of their military, for making such a fine show of things in the Gulf of Aden, for the western audience.
Sometimes these incidents just feel a little too made for prime time!


  1. Yep a skiff is a fishing boat, Yuh know the kind that yuh see fishermen sitting in out at the lake, maybe sucking back a cool one.

    It's just a damn good thing that the HMS Winnipeg got there in time as there is simply no telling how much damage this mighty skiff could have done to the tanker should the pirates have decided to engage Ramming speed.

    I simply can't describe the pride that I have in the HMS Winnipeg for this heroic and valiant pursuit of the evil skiff. And the Captain must truly be a man of Herculean courage to put not only his ship but his entire crew in such grievous danger. A Destroyer is after all designed to protect convoys and kill submarines not to engage Pirate Skiffs. Lord only knows what would have happened had the pirate captain decided to come about and engage the Winnipeg in a full-fledged battle. I simply shudder at the thought, I mean four inches of amour plate can get you only so far against the onslaught of small arms fire.

    Ah yes bravely into the breach went he, I always knew that Winnipeg’s were a brave lot but this must surely rank up there with Nelsons battle of Trafalgar. I can see the Bronze statue now on the corner of Portage ave. and Main Street all shiny and glinting in the sun, with the inscribed words, “ Like Ahab in his quest for the Great white Whale The captain of The HMS Winnipeg with only His Courage to guide him and with no thought for his own safety or that of his valiant crew or his ship stood bravely on the bridge of his vessel shaking his fists and screaming “Hear Me Captain of the Evil Skiff, I shall pursue your Evil Pirate Skiff to the very Gates of Hades before I allow you to board one tanker in these Sorta, Sometimes ,Kinda International Waters.” Upon hearing these words the Captain and Crew of the Evil Pirate Skiff were struck with a fear that plunged deep into their evil stained hearts like the blade of a saber. The Captain of the Evil Pirate Skiff then screamed the command to engage Chicken Shit Speed. “

    The rest as they say is History, but what a history it was.

  2. what's the matter silv, aren't ya prouder then shit, PM Harper is!

    If PM Harper says this is good, shouldn't all Canadians THINK this is good?

    Shouldn't all Canadians play follow the leader?

    No matter how little sense the story makes?

    One could just imagine the damage the skiff could have caused the 150,000 ton tanker.

    What had that skiff then turned on the war ship?

    Imagine that?

    WAIT A MINUTE...... light bulb turns on

    I guess that is what it all boils down to imagine that, imagination, make believe, pretend, get the drift?

    what is this monty python skit?

  3. I was under the impression that they caught them and let them go again. Since they weren't attacking any Canadian citizens the Canadian Navy had to shrug their shoulders and release them. That's the price of being an international good guy. They don't play by the rules but we have to.

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh what marvellous comedy. As if they couldn't have thrown them in the brig and then hand them over to whomever. Who would complain if they did? The Somalis? Like anyone would give a shit.

    Actually I wonder if the captain of that vessel slipped them the wink, and a hundred bucks each as he saw them off. "Nice one boys. See you next week."

  4. Could this all be just a side show to take our minds off of the coming attack on Iran??

  5. Harper's proud if he manages to go a day without soiling himself, so obviously he'd be proud of something this stupid! Really, this whole thing is just a way to start another incident to get another war going. If that's not the case, then it's nothing more than a case of "look at this, but ignore that!". After all, we can't have people thinking for themselves and noticing what is really happening, now can we?

  6. nobody: I wonder the same thing, wink, nudge, see ya next week.

    rather like the coyote and the dog and the flock of sheep, punch in and punch out, get your pay.


    me, I don't think so, this is just another stage for the show to take place on.


    rofl, harper can he go a day without spewing shit from either or any orifice??