Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somali Pirates a REAL threat ? REALLY ??

I am posting a selection of pictures from main stream media featuring the allegedly fearsome and oh so problematic "pirates"

(more somali pirates and their boats)

(somali pirates and their boat apprehended by the French)

Anyone notice anything about these pirates boats?? Anything odd at all ??

Like, how small and crappy they all are ?

Compared to the ships they are boarding?!!!

Do these massive ships stop and wait for the 'Pirates' to board???

When the pirates in their dilapidated heaps, throw up grappling hooks and ropes to board the boats (unless they have rocket packs) can no one throw the rope back or cut it??? How about just moving along?

Just wondering????

Just wondering if the big deal about the pirates is to sell a land invasion of Somalia to the western populace.
I mean Somalia isn't exactly filled with good memories for the US or Canada.

Soooo, how to get the western audience 'on board'(pun intended) with an attack?
Create a boogey man?? Or in this case, boogey men, PIRATES !
Like Saddams nookular arsenal , his wmd's that didn't exist.
Does the real threat from these half-starved fellows hold strongest in the mind of a gullible? western audience.


  1. Strange but I was discussing this very thing with Skye just the other day and I told her then as I will tell you now that should a ship have on board a small group of men such as my old army unit comprised of six individuals, I will guarantee that NO pack of pygmies would board that ship,PERIOD. I mean seriously Six men manning Six 50 caliber deck guns would settle the problem like right now.

    Out on the water there is NO place for a small boat to hide and at a range of 400 meters which is about the max range for an RPG which can put a nasty hole in the side of a ship, but at a range of 400 meters and up to two miles a 50 cal is your worst nightmare or your best friend depending on which end your on. And their cheap. All that is needed are six machine guns stationed two fore and two aft with another two amidships both port and starboard and it’s full coverage. It really is not a fair contest.

    Not only that by why not just drop things down on them when they try to board, like a stove or a tool box anything will put a hole in a small boat at the height, really.
    There is more to this than meets the eye.

  2. Like Silv say's, there is more here than meets the eye! Something is brewing, and it ain't good!

  3. Aye, and thanks Matey - I was hopin' you'd spin something together over this... as per our convo!!

    This whole thing is an utter sham.

  4. Just to add: That last shot really shows what's up here - which is of course nothing.

    The Somalis have been a tough nut - pissed at illegal dumping and overfishing even though they have no real government, many of these guys are trying to make a difference - then there are those who are just exploiting a situation - but c'mon when viewed in the real close up way - they are NOT a threat.

    Further, as the Fish says - why not just drop something on them?


  5. A Stove! Silv, I love it. The image in my head is brilliant. Mind you, with a stove you could boil up one tub of hot fat after another. I just last night caught the scene from that Joan of Arc movie with Milla Jovovich where they tip the hot oil on the troops. Nasty.

    But between a bucket of fat and 50 cal, I'd go the latter. Just one would do you. And between that and an RPG, you can't walk in an RPG, if you can dig it.

  6. People on the big ships probably can't get to the place where they are boarding quickly enough. I can't figure out why they don't just drop something on them either, maybe because the pirates have guns pointed upwards.

    Alex Jones says that a lot of the ships have been disarmed for UN treaties. He says they will never board an Israeli ship because they are armed.

    This is a small example of victim disarmament and what it does. When the UN disarmes the people watch the crime rate go up - we will have "pirates" in our living rooms.

  7. if the pirates have gun pointed upwards then the boats should just drop something down and duck.

    It also doesn't make sense that there are no guns on board, given the value of the cargo that these ships are carrying??
    It just doesn't make sense.

    I've been following this all for a while and every time they show the pirates in their boats, I mean come on!
    Compared to the boats they are 'capturing'?
    it does not add up.

  8. Oh hell Mate I can dig walkin a 50c, and yep it's hard to walk a single shot, like the pace is real slow.

  9. Please forgive, but an old Monty Python skit just popped into my head, it had to do with cows a castle and a catapult. Like whatever works.

    and the word is "suicider" this is just getting too weird.