Monday, June 22, 2009

Creative use of the law creates many criminals

U.S. prison population dwarfs that of other nations

The United States has less than 5 percent of the world's population. But it has almost a quarter of the world's prisoners. Indeed, the United States leads the world in producing prisoners, a reflection of a relatively recent and now entirely distinctive American approach to crime and punishment. Americans are locked up for crimes — from writing bad checks to using drugs — that would rarely produce prison sentences in other countries.And in particular they are kept incarcerated far longer than prisoners in other nations. Criminologists and legal scholars in other industrialized nations say they are mystified and appalled by the number and length of American prison sentences. The United States has, for instance, 2.3 million criminals behind bars, more than any other nation. The United States ... has 751 people in prison or jail for every 100,000 in population. (If you count only adults, one in 100 Americans is locked up.) The median among all nations is about 125, roughly a sixth of the American rate. "Far from serving as a model for the world, contemporary America is viewed with horror," James Whitman, a specialist in comparative law at Yale, wrote last year in Social Research. Prison sentences here have become "vastly harsher than in any other country to which the United States would ordinarily be compared,"

this despite the fact that-
Censored news: Violent crime decreases over 50 percent in last 15 years
But then it is prison for profits in the US!
Corporate run prisons need prisoners to roll in the dough.
Of course while imprisoned and already profitable just while being incarcerated, prisoners routinely work for slave wages producing all manner of goods for other corporations.
Therefore the more incarcerations, more slave workers and way more prison profit.


  1. This is a direct consequence of debt to the bankers. The banks introduce bills in congress to make more laws as payments for their bonds.

    The situation will get a lot worse. Currently the governments hide the realities of this system from the people. The law is only one law - Lex Mercantorium and we will see debtors prisons.

    The serpent wears sheeps clothing in the USA, but when the cover comes off there will be no turning back. The nation is morally ruined and people will do such things to one another. Destruction is slow, deliberate and complete.

  2. Doug?
    could be, I don't know?

    I see it more this way, since the prisons are run for profit,the more prisoners, the more profit.

    How then do you imprison more people to maximize profits?
    Invent more laws to break, fill the prisons up.

    It is like supply and demand, in some sick fashion.

  3. Oh and then keep the fact that violent crime is down, because if people were aware of that they wouldn't be in fear all the time, and then politicians would not be able to play the fear card first then the law and order card, always vote getters!

  4. The first thing is to create more laws to generate "charges". Every crime has a charge associated with it. The purpose of the court case is to determine guilt beyond reasonable doubt so that the charges are valuable. The judgment is a piece of commercial paper that is traded on open markets. To have value the judgment must be seen to be true, otherwise markets will not trade charges high.

    Its admiralty law. The government uses your birth certificate to pay the charges and put you in prison to hide the reality of it.

    The money and law are intertwined in what is termed "equity" law vs substantive law which is common law.

    Our money and court system is really one. The banking scam goes deeper than many people think.

    I am told by Paul Grignon that Money As Debt 2 goes into this slightly - this is the sequel to the original "Money As Debt".

    You have to read about the law to really understand our money system - this is under the Lex heading I mentioned above.

  5. substantive law = gold/silver money

    Equity Law = commerical paper

    But the law is mostly just paper like the money and you can separate yourself from it or learn how to make it work for you.

    Theoretically you should be able to create your own money from your bond (birth certificate). This is what the banks do - they extend your credit to you. They don't create it from nothing, they create money from the obligation they get from you.

    Its very interesting to learn about this.

  6. You saw my Ayn Rand post didn't you ? There is a great quote out of that book on my blog "Ayn Rand on Laws"