Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation Midnight Climax

Who needs fantasy, when we have reality.
Reality can be so strange.
In a previous post, I touched upon Operation Midnight Climax.

Briefly: "Operation Midnight Climax was a series of CIA run brothels in San Francisco and New York. The operation paid prostitutes $100 a day to lure men into the net. The prostitutes spiked their Johns' drinks with LSD" And the officers watched.

This operation was part of the larger MKUltra mind-control experiments that the CIA conducted. If so inclined here is some additional info

Anyway, someone named Glenn, left this message here. I think Glenn may be affiliated with this tv series.

"There's actually a new webisode series about this called, appropriately, Operation Midnight Climax. Check it out! www.strangescience.tv"

So, I did.
You can too!
There is a trailer and the first episode that sets up the premise for the series.

I got a question for Glenn and the people making this series.
How did you do any research for the show, if you did? Without a doubt, alot of pornographic images must have been produced from this experiment on unwitting subjects. Able to view any?


  1. Oh Penn it all makes sense to me now, it’s become soo clear. That lonely weekend in Frisco so many years ago. All alone in that seedy bar , the cheap booze, that Nun with the Bad Habit and the kinky leather undies, offering me drinks and making my head spin around, and I thought it was love. And the waking up early in the morning on Fisherman’s Warf, naked talking to seagulls and not remembering her name. Yep it’s all so clear to me now.

    I always have wondered how someone like her who got Nun learned so much about (you know, nudge nudge wink). I suppose that deep down I always did suspect that she wasn’t completely on the up and up, because for a woman of the cloth she did seem to lack a certain amount of wholesomeness with the riding crop an all.

    But hey it wasn’t all bad with getting all those royalty checks from ACME ADULT a wholly owned subsidiary of DORKS R US ENTERTAINMENT inc.

    So thanks fer the heads up Penn.

  2. roger (over and out)June 10, 2009 at 2:40 AM

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZdz0G4lG6k&feature=channel_page This guy is pretty good in his grasp of the subtle riddle that L was/is. You can tell he's tried it and he isn't just some party twit or network dude trolling for some "content" to distort, trivialize.. Aron Ranen (North Beach !)...I think he's still looking for dough to complete the European/British side of the story. There's about 15" missing from the docu on these four sections on youtube. So if any you are partying with raver kingpins or some such....

  3. When you say, talking to the seagulls, it wasn't pleading with them to stop attacking you, while bleeding profusely, was it?

    I know you and birds have quite a history ;)

  4. hey roger (over and out)
    I watched it, interesting.

    Gave me some thoughts to ponder, funny someone made a comment that took me back to that podcast that you left here, something about the ego?

    Aron Ranen(North Beach) is there where this person is located?

  5. You must be reading these things late at night...the YT channel that the documentary is on is HIS YT channel, including ways to get in touch, his other documentaries, where he teaches people in North Beach at his video school, etc., etc.. There's a bbc documentary on Hunter S. where he's the cameraman and they seem to be having a good ole time. Simpler times. Parts of that docum. are on YT as well....

  6. Read your new post! To answer your question about the new series called Operation Midnight Climax:
    The research we did was mostly done on the web, from old time articles, etc. The rest of it was conjecture and a little imagination. For example: the series takes place in LA, but the real OMC took place in New York, San Francisco and Marin.

    However, we recently filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the CIA so there is slight chance that we could get our hands on some pictures or videotape. We'll keep you updated! Meanwhile, you should be able to subscribe to the Strange Science podcasts on itunes very soon!

    Thanks for the interest and support!

  7. hey roger, why did you drop the over and out, I liked that?

    "the YT channel that the documentary is on is HIS YT channel"

    means nothing to me, sorry :(

    Assuming this is some tv channel?
    I don't do tv at all, or very little of it, actually an extremely little bit, some would say miniscule.

    You will have to clarify, and btw glad to see you about.

    Have you met Glenn? (see other responses)

  8. Hi there, thanks for sharing the link to my work-in-progress documentary LSD: POWER & CONTROL.

    Here is the link to it at my YOUTUBE page that has about 20 other of my films.


    I am seeking funding to finish filming the final part of the documentary which looks at KGB involvement in the UK LSD LABS of the 60's and seventies (perhaps via Spofa chemical).

    Yes I live in SF, and run http://www.dvworkshops.com

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