Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Power, Control, Midnight Climax, LSD and the required Laurel Canyon connection

Well, well, well, Glenn is back and left a response regarding Operation Midnight Climax.
God, that name still makes me chuckle!
Let's see what Glenn had to say..
Glenn said...

Read your new post! To answer your question about the new series called Operation Midnight Climax:
The research we did was mostly done on the web, from old time articles, etc. The rest of it was conjecture and a little imagination. For example: the series takes place in LA, but the real OMC took place in New York, San Francisco and Marin.

However, we recently filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the CIA so there is slight chance that we could get our hands on some pictures or videotape. We'll keep you updated! Meanwhile, you should be able to subscribe to the Strange Science podcasts on itunes very soon!

Thanks for the interest and support!

While there is some info available on the mkultra topic, a lot of it was destroyed. Shredded, burned, whatever! Since, experimenting on human beings, without their knowledge or consent, is a very serious human rights abuse, a crime and a rotten thing to do
It is something the Nazi's took a great deal of heat for.
But in the 'freedom' loving USA, you just destroy the documents.
I am hoping Glenn will get some info and share it. Good luck to you Glenn and co. and do keep me posted! I would love to read what you get. I am rooting for yah here!!!

On the topic of operation midnight climax, Mkultra and all the weirdness that comes along with experimenting on humanity, Roger, was kind enough to leave a link to another documentary.
I watched it last week, and I liked it. It gave me some food for thought. Or to use some cheesy acid phrase, it gave me something to trip on?

It is called Power & Control LSD in The Sixties.
Here is Part 1:

Links to the rest of it, each part about 10 minutes.
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4

Some highlights. Discussion of Mkultra, Operation midnight climax, experiments on students at a religious school conducted by Timothy Leary. The use of Agent Provocateurs in the anti-war protests, reminding us all this is nothing new.
If this topic interests you, this is good!

Now, watching this documentary brought some questions to my mind.
I'll get to that, but first some background....
For anyone who has been following -Dave McGowans/ Laurel Canyon (latest piece here )
It should be clear, well in my opinion anyway, that the government was using the counter-culture movement ( the anti-war movement in particular) as one massive drug experiment.
This would be the illegal experiments with drugs done on unwitting citizens I referred to earlier...
Now some have postulated that this was done to crush opposition to the government.
Which would be a great idea for the powerful people.
We have to keep in mind that LSD was legal, unrestricted and lots of it was given free of charge to masses of people. So I can see that. Drug the populace, and run rough shod all over them.

We see the modern version of a complacent population at this time, medicated via prescription drugs by the big pharma dealer with the help of willing to benefit governments.
Sorry, digressing, back to topic.

LSD, given freely as part of the MKUltra experiments.
What if it backfired? What if it was actually increasing opposition to government?
What would be the answer to that dilemma?
The only answer would be, obviously, make it illegal and criminalize it, and everyone that uses it.
This is exactly what happened, LSD went from free and easy to illegal and your going to jail.
So now, I am left wondering, were the results of this societal experimentation NOT what had been hoped for. Instead of complacency had the results been turmoil and upheaval.
Had the LSD caused youthful minds to question the authority that loomed largely over them?
Thereby necessitating the criminalization of the substance?
With Timothy Leary's help, of course.


  1. Penny here, had to move this to here for Maggie, who periodically for reasons unexplained is unable to always post on my blog.

    Blogger Magdelena said...

    Okay, then here's my take:

    Both LSD and Cannabis have something in common (well mushrooms, my fav, too): They DO make people think, often they can be humbling as well. They can open the mind to different ideas and viewpoints - yes the tree outside just got alot more interesting - but I think it's more than that, and find for myself using hallucingens is and can be quite spiritually uplifting and relevant.

    So, with more people opening up themselves to different ways of viewing the natural world, I would agree that this is what led to the criminalisation of such substances.

    Okay - you can now move this to the other thread...

    Wierd eh? I have no idea why suddenly I can't comment on some of your posts...if only we knew the trick then we could forever be free of folk like Lee... ;) Though, I think he got tired of talking to himself and has now moved on... (but I have some interesting visitors now... :O)

    June 16, 2009 9:37 AM

  2. Hey Pen, I haven't read this yet but I found a link to an inteview with Walter Bowart, the author of Operation Mind Control. Sight unseen I thought you might groove on it. Ciao ciao.

  3. thanks maggie:

    situations such as this are always multi-faceted, no?

    If we are correct in assuming that the LSD was causing people to become more of a problem, restless and challenging as opposed to passive it would make sense to make it illegal, thereby exercising some control.

    Though these controls have their limitiations, obviously.

    Then when one thinks of all the advertising against so called illegal drugs. Never mind just the criminilization aspect of it.
    The campaigns against it.
    Nancy Reagan "Just say NO"
    and the latest batch of commercials that show people who smoke marijuana as zombies and do nothings, as losers.

    It makes you wonder, why try so hard to keep people away from these substances unless there really is an out and out fear of what mass useage of them could unleash on the society.
    then of course there is always the illegal drug trade that funds covert ops, like Afghanistan's opium....
    legalizing substances such as marijuana, opium etc would certainly take a big chunk of change out of the ptb pockets.
    And may actually force them to be more legitimate.
    couldn't have that now, could we?

  4. nobody: thanks and yes, I quickly read it and did indeed groove on it.

    Of course I want to reread it.
    But I did see some stuff that piqued my interest, definitely

  5. Hey I found a way in!!!

    It seems I CAN get to comment - if I follow the link through a tag - I used the Dave Mcgowan label and well - here I am!


    One thing, wrt to four part series of which I've now watched three - one comment struck me, and is something that I have said as well with respect to hallucinigens - kids these days, most of them anyway, look at it as a party trip and not in a more enlightened, spiritual way. I think this explains the 'bad' trips some folks do have.

  6. People that know a lot about drugs have told me that rat poison is sometimes a substitute for acid and has similar affects. You have to be careful with this stuff nowadays, I suspect because of "government" involvement in the drug trade.

    I used to enjoy mushrooms and acid as a teenager, but I tried shrooms a few years ago and didn't like them at all.

  7. Rat poison? Funnily enough, my old man is on it as we speak. In this country it's called Warfarin. Don't know what it's called in North America. It's basically a blood thinning agent. The trick with rats is that you give them to much and they bleed to death. Me, I wouldn't touch it, blood clots or no. It's rat poison for chrissakes!

    Oh, otherwise I got around to reading that interview and found it somewhat disappointing. It didn't seem to have any meat. And nor could I figure out if he did or didn't believe in UFO's. Never mind, his book is still great.

  8. Hey Doug, wow Rat poison huh? Hadn't heard that before, though it makes sense.

    I do remember that coke is often cut with baby laxative - ew. I've never liked coke, nor what it has done to people who got way to into it.

    Shrooms are still good - but one must be outside, able to roam, and preferably with no idiotic people about. I wouldn't trust the acid out there these days either, so it's been decades since I've had a chat with Cid. But you can't screw up a mushroom too badly, wish they tasted better though... ugh. We force them down with vanilla yogurt and honey! Quickly!

    Now, don't get me wrong I only partake maybe once a year, or less, when the mood hits me and I can afford a night without sleep ... hee hee.

    Nobody - yeah warfarin, lovely stuff eh? My Dad is on it too. Does yours get those awful purple splotches on his skin?? I hate the stuff, but I guess it's better than another f*n stroke.

  9. nobody: I found a few things interesting in the interview.

    the false memory syndrome creation made me think of the exchange with stevieb.

    the ufo's I don't think he believed , I got the impression, he thought this was part of mkultra experimentation.

    I have to read it again, but, it is percolating around the brain at this time.

  10. don't they give warfarin to people with high blood pressure?
    I am not sure.
    I know they give it for blood clots, or is that heparin?


  11. http://bopsecrets.org/PH/hippies.htm A little more on "the eager, the innocent and the doomed" of the enigmatic mid-sixties youth-quake disaster....

  12. hey roger, I had wondered where you had got to!
    more links, I love them!
    I got the latest Laurel canyon rummaging around in my head, now this and the person who made the documentary you left links for was here too!

    And I am swamped, gardening time.
    Do you garden at all?
    Wondered being perhaps, a bit of a hippie, assuming of course, but wondered if you grow your own veggies or anything like that???
    Merci for the links and I will most certainly check them out!

  13. thanks for sharing my LSD DOCUMENTARY

    here is link to JFK and Acid & Ram Dass Part of the documentary