Monday, June 15, 2009

Squabbling siblings and Bug's Bunny 'bombs' hit the news

News that is a little different.

Girl, 10, arrested for fight with big sis

- A 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged for fighting in a park with her 13-year-old sister, police in Texas said.

Yes, you are reading that correctly, police arrested a 10 yr old, for fighting with her sister, while at a park. A bystander called police, who arrested the girl at her home.

"'This is criminal, and one of them is going to have to go to jail and it's probably going to have to be your younger one because she was the aggressor,'" their mother quoted the officer as saying. "And I said, 'Are you kidding me?' and he said, 'No, no.'"
So, siblings fighting, like they do, is worthy of this type of law force intervention?

Then this one, Carrot 'bombs'!

The carrot bombs had been placed around the city at the request of a local art gallery, as part of an open-air arts festival.

They had only been in place for an hour before police received their first call.

"We received a call ... from a person who said they saw two real bombs placed outside the public library," Ronny Hoerman from the Orebro police force, was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

How did the caller know they were "real bombs" and not carrots?
How paranoid are people these days?
"After all, it is just carrots with an alarm clock and nothing else... this is just a caricature of a bomb," he said.

Oh, those wascaly wabbits!
Has society gone a little mad?


  1. Its funny that you brought this up. A week or two a kid had left a suitcase in a parking lot behind a truck in Marmora, where I live. He had picked it up from a garbage dump a few blocks away and one can assume that he just didn't want it anymore and left it. The truck drove away and the parking lot was emptied toward the end of the day leaving only the suitcase.

    I guess someone had got the idea that Usama was in Marmora and left the suitcase to demolish an empty parking lot to start another war. Police were called, roads were blocked off and the bomb squad came in to X Ray the suitcase before the road blocks could be lifted. According to authorities I talked to, CSIS was called and there were about 30 cops plus the full staff of the Marmora volunteer fire fighters.

    Quite a show. One can only imagine the scientific brainwashing that takes place to get authorities to act this way. Have we ever had a real bomb from terrorists on this continent ?

  2. Osama leaving suitcases and carrot bombs???

    Ya think there is a cartoon idea in that scenario.

    Involving a rabbit?

    I thought it was silly and also indicative of how much tv people watch.

    Isn't that what is always in movies?

    I saw it in a movie, you cut the red wire! No, it's the blue wire.
    And an alarm clock?

  3. I wonder what they would make of the potato clock?

    Pic of Potato Clock

  4. OMG maggie, that is a picture of a bomb, now I must report to the authorities I saw a bomb!

  5. I would guess that two propaganda techniques are used in the police and military that permit them to believe even what the most arduent Usama watcher of today would even find rediculous

    (1) Tell them they are important and that they have great responsibilities, this expands the ego and makes one believe what they are hearing because it rings true in their heart. I have heard this, this is done to professionals.

    (2) Tell them of incredible dangers that the public is just too soft to hear. I have heard this from cops "you just would believe it..." but they do and I don't. Like 24, where Jack is always chasing down another evil terrorist mastermind. They probably make stuff up to tell their intelligence agencies all the time.

    A small group of similar mentality must be easier to propagandize than the whole of the general public - right after 9/11 there were few non - believers but the non believers were able to penetrate the propaganda with truth. This couldn't happen in an intelligence agency because everyone is a narc by definition.