Friday, August 14, 2009

The continued saga of the missing Russian Ship

It seems the general consensus is the Russian ships disappearance is REALLY strange. Therefore, I must take a closer look. As for wild speculation? It is rampant.

The ship was reported attacked, by it's crew, on July 24th. Though it made a routine pass through the English Channel July 28th, and did all it's appropriate reporting. The last reported sighting of the ship was July 30th.

Here is a little map that shows the when and where of contact.

The Arctic Sea is equipped with an automatic tracking system, but this appears to have been either switched off or stopped working since its last signal on 30 July.

Wondering, when the ship was reported attacked, was it really? Let's face it, the crew could have concocted the story for ransom. Which would be the simplest theory.

It is interesting to note according to the linked story the report to the authorities was done in a rather round about fashion.

"The ship's crew first alerted their shipping company to what had happened. The firm then informed Russian embassy officials in Finland, who contacted their counterparts in Sweden who informed the Swedish authorities"

Or allowing that a hijacking had actually taken place, had all the hijackers actually left the boat? Could the crew have mistakenly thought so, radioed in the report, only to later realize some of the hijackers were still on board?

I also came across this, when the Artic Sea was in or near the English Channel, there were alot of other ships around, check this out July 29th: Latest AIS for the Artic Sea

"Ships the size of the Arctic Sea are required to have Automatic Identification System (AIS) signaling equipment, which makes it possible to follow the course of a ship even on a home computer.
The last time that the Arctic Sea was located with the help of AIS was on July 29th, which means that the equipment was working at least five days after the alleged hijacking - contrary to what the shipping company suggested."

The Artic Sea is highlighted in the AIS map. Wondering were any of the other ships in contact with this ship? Were they close enough to have noticed anything odd?
If there was a hijacking were the crew the ones that made this routine stop, were they even alive at this point in time?

Then the cargo? Was something else on board besides the lumber, and there is alot of lumber on board. But was there something else? It was reported that the ship was, as John response in the previous post, docked in Kaliningrad.

“The ship was undergoing repairs at the Pregol shipyard in Kaliningrad”, says Denis Melnikov, an official at the Port of Kaliningrad.

But, this is a rather notorious port for smuggling. Probably much like any port. Could something have been put on the ship without the crews knowledge?

This little video clip is also interesting.

How about nuclear missiles? From the Kursk?

Russia “Alarmed” After Nuclear Warheads Go Missing In Atlantic
Disturbing reports are circulating in the Kremlin today over what Russian Military Intelligence analysts are stating to President Medvedev is the “likely theft” of 3 atomic armed cruise missiles recently recovered from the crash site of the Northern Fleets worst ever submarine disaster caused by a still “unexplained” explosion on the
K-141 Kursk, and which claimed the lives of all 118 crew members.

This report is extremely speculative, but interesting, I could find NO other source for this information but this one. Myself, I am doubtful.
Though I am aware Russia is in hot pursuit.

False flag anyone?


  1. Seems the Arctic Sea has been found off the coast of Africa;

  2. They could be testing some kind of space based weapon. Suppose they tracked the ship then dropped a pile of DU tipped rounds from space. They would hit the water at 25,000 miles per hour and destroy the ship and certainly sink it.

    Nukes are old fashioned scare monger weapons. They can drop a 100 lb DU shell from space and have it hit the ground with enough energy to destroy a city.

  3. See, Space, destruction of citys, I told you it was Aliens. Like how else could a big ship just disappear like that unless it was like Yuh know beamed up or something, Yeah thats what it was an I'll just bet that all those Russian sailors now have Alien implants in their brains.

  4. This saga has taken an interesting turn as it seems the ship was not found?

    I found an interesting video clip

  5. I want an alien implant ??

    not an rfid.

  6. doug, this ship being lost does lead one to think about seemingly impossible reasons for it's disappearance.

    BTW: interesting to note this week, china and russia were both calling for no militarization of space. Space for Peace. The US wants no part of it. He who rules space, rules the planet.

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