Thursday, August 6, 2009

Could Vitamin D deficienies in the young play a role in swine flu illness???

I have posted a number of stories here on the importance of Vitamin D in our diets.
With all the swine flu stories making the rounds I thought I would put this one up.

As has been pointed out to us, swine flu is hitting those of a younger age the hardest.
In the U.S., the median age of confirmed, hospitalized cases is 15
One reason for this is the fact that older persons have been exposed to a variety of different viruses and have more immunities built up. That makes sense.

One other reason and I have tossed this one around in my head for a while, is the diet and lifestyle of these younger persons. They have eaten more processed, dead food, then any generation before them. By dead food, I mean devoid of nutrients.

Then I came across this article:
Inadequate vitamin D levels common in U.S. children
I don't imagine it is all that different in Canada, or the UK or Europe for that matter.

"Definitely in the last 20 years there's been an increase in vitamin D deficiency."

Which coincides with the young being more susceptible to the swine flu.
Vitamin D is natures influenza fighter, and a deficiency in it could be one reason why these young people are more suscepetible to this new virus.

My own doctor recently recommended taking 1000 IU's daily.

Here is some info on Vitamin D and it's value in the human diet
Cell Defenses and the Sunshine Vitamin
Vitamin D, long associated only with its role in bone formation, is actually active throughout the human body, powerfully influencing immune system responses
and cell defenses.

Links back to articles I have put here before on this very subject
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Both of the above articles from Dr. Donald Miller
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Health agency to test link between flu, vitamin D

Get out in the sun, eat better and take some additional Vitamin D. A common sense approach to fighting any influenza bug? You decide for yourself.


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the sun. I'm inclined to think that the flipside of the shit diet is the fact that everyone sits indoors watching TV and playing computer games. TV tends to be self-limiting but computer games are the opposite. They suck you in for countless hours. Not me, I detest them. Anyway I'm pretty sure twenty minutes sun a day will give you all the vitamin D you need.

  2. Yup it is actually 10 -15 minutes and that is it, of full day sun.

    In that time your body will manufacture tens of thousands of IU of Vitamin D , this is the only way humans get it. The fortification of it in food is far to low.

    I believe that scenario is mentioned in the articles, too much tv, or computers not enough outdoor time.

    In the northern climes it is hard to get sun after september for the required amount of Vitamin D, so vitamins are a must, last winter I took 2,000 IU's all winter, I did not have even a sniffle.

  3. grow yer own food if poss, use your microwave oven solely for storing your radio in,learn to cook real food and get out of the house as much as you can. oh and of course Don't Believe The Hype!

  4. thanks debbnmaid, some solid advice!