Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A few simple ways to bring about change, by being the change.

If we want change on a large scale, we have to change on a small scale. You know that saying, "Be the change, you want to see", I think that is a good place to start.
What can you or I do, as an individual that can bring about change?

Get an attitude adjustment!
We have been conditioned, to think that 'we cannot fight city hall'. This is a message that takes the power of the citizen away, and gives it to the bureaucrats or the 'power's that be'.
That is great for the bureaucrats or the PTB's that the people have such a poor attitude. While an attitude of powerlessness serves the powerful very well, it doesn't do anything for the people.

If you have taken on debt, pay it off ASAP
Avoid debt slavery. Deny a banker, or a credit card company as much of your earnings as possible.

Vote with your dollar!
Shop wisely. When you shop somewhere, you are giving that place of business a vote of confidence with your dollar. Do they really deserve that vote of confidence?

Pay only in cash, as much as possible.
For a number of reasons-
You do not need your shopping habits tracked, then sold as information to be targeted by marketers, or worse. Just imagine the big brother data base that can be built up on you through the use of credit and debit cards! If that doesn't freak you out, I don't know what will?
Good god, the Jones's sure rent alot of porno flicks. ;)

Paying in cash allows you to have a firm handle on spending, and will keep you and yours out of the debt dependence cycle.

Most people do not realize that when they take on debt, they are actually eroding their future earnings. Most people won't even comprehend what I wrote in that sentence! When you take on debt, the interest payments reduce your future earnings. Sadly, there is some debt you have to take on, likely for a home. Not to many people have the cash on hand to buy a house! But, I am not talking about that. I am talking about pulling out a credit card, and buying a bunch of junk, that will be gone, broken or used up before you even pay the credit card bill off, if you ever do? What has that junk really cost you, when you factor in the interest payments, over the time it takes one to pay it off? This is how your earnings are eroded.

How about helping to inform other people?
That is why I started this blog. Letter's to the Editor are good place to get the word out on a local level. Just talk to people.

How about holding your local officials more accountable?
Which would in turn cause them to put the heat on the upper levels of government.

How about shopping locally?
From local producers. How many people head down to their local farmers market, and shop from the people producing food in their own region? If you don't, you should be.

If concerned about air pollution?
Walk, or ride your bike more. Cut out just one trip in the car a week.

If concerned about food quality?
You want to eat the best food? Grow some of your own food. Don't by food that is GM, if you can help it. Read the labels, don't by the stuff that is full of chemical additives. This goes back to voting with your dollar.

If we start change, on an individual level it cannot help but affect change on a mass level.
Because the masses are nothing more or less then a group of individuals.

Thanks Maggie for asking the question that inspired this post!


  1. What was the question that inspired this post ?

  2. Re "If you have taken on debt, pay it off ASAP!"

    This is impossible. All you can do is work and put someone else in debt to pay off your own. None of the debts ever created can be paid off - at least without understanding THE LAW.

    You are putting Peter in debt to pay your debt when you work for Peter. Peter then works to put Paul in debt to pay his debt. The banks do not want these debts payed off and thats why the lawyers will not show you how to actually affect payment of debt (the lawyers work for the banks)

    The banks do not want the debts paid off. They want the debt to create guilt because guilt provides control. You cannot govern a nation of honest people - you need guilt ! People feel guilty when they are in debt.(as my Ayn Rand post illustrated)

  3. "All you can do is work and put someone else in debt to pay off your own"

    you will have to explain this, because when I pay off a credit card bill and chop the card up, as an example, my debt to that credit card is gone,so I am not sure where you are coming from.

    "People feel guilty when they are in debt."

    I agree with that, they feel guilt and responsibility.

    But the idea is to incur as little debt as possible, and surely you would agree if we all did that the bankers would be less wealthy and we would be more free?

    and here were maggies questions?

    However, that said, once a person starts, where do they go? How to make the change, how to do it effectively?

  4. Hey Penny,

    I was actually being more rhetorical than anything else.

    I do agree all of the things you mention are great starting points, and more people should do them - but people are lazy, people are self-interested and many couldn't bother. They see the 'walmart' prices and give in. Some of my friends always apologize to me for shopping there... I sigh and say - well forfeit your right to bitch then.

    Anyway - good ideas. Now if I could only get my MP to talk to me again... LOL. I think he hates me.

  5. hey maggie, sometimes even rhetorical questions can generate some interesting thoughts!

    I know what you mean about people being self-interested, but then, they define their 'interests' so narrowly.

    Which is so weird. They are like navel gazers ya know?

    Do they not realize, as an example that when all jobs shift to Mexico, or China that will eventually effect them.

    Or that globalization and secret free trade agreements affect them, because they do, so why bury your head in the sand?

    Or that war affects them, even when it is fought elsewhere and even if there own family members aren't fighting?
    Through environmental destruction, mass pollution or causing the 'dread' influx of immigrants from war torn countries.
    (for all the people who are frightened of new immigrants, here is a clue, don't support illegal/immoral wars and occupation in other nations, causing people to want to leave for something more peaceful)

    Cripes this is why one of my own parents came to this country, fresh out of Europe after WW2, and why was that?

    People in general gotta stop navel gazing, the world is much bigger then the lint in their belly buttons.

  6. the world is much bigger then the lint in their belly buttons.

    Ohhh I like that! You should work that into a title for some piece!


  7. Sadly the only change that your going to see in this world are getting back two dimes and a nickle from a quarter, or five nickles or three nickles and a dime, theres more but you get the idea. So for real and fundimental change don't count on it, when you mix stupidity with greed you end up with the happy brain dead walmart shopper and that can last only so long. Perhaps change will come but rest assured it will not be for the better, I have yet to see humanity learn from it's past mistakes.

  8. silv, have you no faith in humanity as a capable group?
    not even the 10 percent allegedly needed to bring change?
    I keep holding out hope...
    I agree with the stupidity and greed mix, but I think that stems from a real lack of knowledge, and lack of real information, a lack of truth, and more with the fact that our truths are 'managed' by the media and our lying political leaders, to cite two examples

  9. Have I faith in humanity as a capable group? In a word NO. I have a pack of six large dogs each and every one of which carries more common sense and decency in that nexus beneath their tails than any human being that I have ever known.

  10. me and maybe a few others excepted, I hope?

    Yikes, dare I ask......

  11. Man I cannot tell you what it means to be debt-free.

    I haven't made much in terms of a yearly salary me whole life, until recently. And I had a Marriage end, which was set into motion by us purchasing as our 2nd home a “fixer-uper” that we had to sell when we were way upside down. That was in 2003 - and I drug that 5 figure debt around until paying it all off after consolidating, transfering, and ferreting away a large % of my very average salary.

    needless to say - I only have 1/2 a mortgage payment and a lease on a car, but no credit card debt and no interest payments. If you are in a position to do this, get it done as quickly as possible... I feel like a different person!

    Probably because I am.

  12. student loans = best debt creator for young folks

  13. I agree with that 100 percent maggie, student loans are a horrendous burden on young people.

    Way to get them hooked into the debt burden cycle young!

    and blake: debt free is the best feeling!

  14. "you will have to explain this, because when I pay off a credit card bill and chop the card up, as an example, my debt to that credit card is gone,so I am not sure where you are coming from."

    When you work to pay your credit card off, you are getting money from someone else who had to borrow it to pay you. All money comes into existence by borrowing.

    You are working to just pass the debt onto someone else. Its impossible to eliminate debt because money comes into existance as debt. The banks do not want to eliminate debt, they just want to punish you.

    If you owed, say $1000.00 to a bank, would they mind of your friend borrowed the $1000.00 from them to pay your debt ? They have no interest in eliminating debt, they use to to punish us and keep us working against each other.


  15. Penny, I am throwing pearls before you because I know you are not swine.

  16. Hey Doug: I understand exactly what you are speaking of with regard to money being debt.

    I was having that discussion with someone a while back, and I pointed out that most of the money is created by banks, (not the mint) in the form of loans and credit lines.
    Or bluntly debt, therefore debt = money.
    It is hard for many people to comprehend that, but I am one of them.

    And still I think my suggestions would work, if more people would change their thinking and realize that they are making themselves debt slaves.

    I know you are throwing pearls before me, and I most defintitely am not a swine, lol!

    thanks for clarifying, maybe it is time to put up the movie money as debt?