Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harper- is a prejudiced and consistent embarrassment

I don't agree with the title of this article - Harper consistently embarrasses Canada abroad.

I agree Harper is an embarassement, on so many levels. Not limited to abroad, but also domestically.
" Canada, under Stephen Harper, is gaining a reputation for failing its own."

Yes, the Harper regime leaves Canadian citizens to rot, but, not just any Canadian citizens. Only certain ones. Ones of a certain ethnicity.

Gar Pardy, former head of the consular services section of foreign affairs in Ottawa, and others see a pattern of discrimination.

They draw comparisons with Brenda Martin, jailed in Mexico but rescued by a minister's intervention and flown back on a government plane. She is white, others not. The others are also Muslim.

Star columnist Christopher Hume yesterday accused the Harperites of racism based on colour. "This smacks not just of prejudice but of apartheid."

Yes, it does smack of prejudice, not surprising for the Harper regime. But would the Liberals act any differently? I am not so sure. That said, Harper is the Prime Minister and he is responsible for these acts.

The last case involving this woman was really quite appaling. It really looks as if the Canadian government undertook actions that ensured this woman's lengthy detainment.

Racism is nothing new in Canada, historically speaking. One would have thought we would be more enlightened at this juncture, but, apparently this is not so.
When the government sets a tone of racist behaviour what kind of actions will be deemed acceptable to it citizens?

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