Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pushing South Asia Toward the Brink

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The contradictions and confusions in U.S. policy in South Asia were on full display during Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's recent visit to India. U.S. support for India, which centers on making money, selling weapons, and turning a blind eye to the country's nuclear weapons, is fatally at odds with U.S. policy and concerns about Pakistan.

By enabling an India-Pakistan arms race, rather than focusing on resolving the conflict and helping them make peace, the United States is driving Pakistan toward the very collapse it fears

Maybe that is what the US is after, the collapse of Pakistan?

Nuclear India

In her press conference with India's minister of external affairs, Clinton said, "We discussed our common vision of a world without nuclear weapons and the practical steps that our countries can take to strengthen the goal of nonproliferation." But there was no mention here of India's nuclear buildup, or of the United States asking India to slow down or to end its program. In fact, one would never guess from Clinton's remarks that India even had a nuclear weapons program. She seemed interested only in the prospect of U.S. sales of nuclear reactors to India worth $10 billion or more.

India is one of perhaps only three countries still making material for new nuclear weapons. The others are Pakistan and Israel (with North Korea threatening to resume production). India is building a fast-breeder reactor that is expected to begin operation in 2010 and is outside International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards.

Not Iran, but you would never know that from the msm blather.

Pakistan v. India

Pakistan was noticeable for its near absence from Clinton's agenda in India. It came up only in the context of the need to fight terrorism. Forgotten was the brute fact that India and Pakistan are straining harder than ever in their nuclear and conventional arms race

The US wants Pakistan to focus on the border with Afghanistan and move troops away from the border with India, this does not sit well with the Pakistan military and why would it?
It is almost an invitation to invade

The Pakistani army, which rules the country even when civilians are in office, will not easily shift its view of India. The army and those who lead it see the threat from India as their very reason for being. The army has grown in size, influence, and power, to the point where it dwarfs all other institutions in society and would lose much if there was peace with India. But there is a personal dimension as well. The partition of the subcontinent 62 years ago that created Pakistan is in the living memory of many who make decisions in Pakistan.

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  1. They break up of Pakistan? It's my considered opinion that that's why the US (and Oz and everyone else) is in Afghanistan. No one gives a shit about Afghanistan apart from its value as a staging post for the destruction of Pakistan. Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iran... they'll all get what Afghanistan and Iraq got. Honestly, every country not subject to a privately owned Reserve Bank system will be shown the error of their ways. Usury uber alles.