Monday, August 31, 2009

Rolling Stone guitarist Brian Jones death to be re-examined

Being an ardent Stones fan and knowing there has always been much speculation about this death.
Right before the huge 1969 tour of the US that ends with the free show at Altamont.
Brian Jones allegedly drowns in his pool. He was 27 years old. Was it misadventure? Or did he have a little help?

Police in Sussex are re-examining the case after being handed new evidence
"A spokesman for Sussex police said the force had been handed documents connected with Jones's death, prompting the review."

But, will the investigation be reopened? The police are saying, it is to early to tell.
Which probably means, no, it won't be reopened.

In 2008 it was reported that the woman Janet Lawson, who had found Brian Jones dead, had implicated a man named Frank Thorogood. You can read what she had to say in this article.

Has the riddle of Rolling Stone Brian Jones's death been solved at last?


  1. This Jones murder, reminds me of all the murders in Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon piece.
    I came away from "LC" with the conclusion that these cats are at the top of the food chain. Being at the top, requires extreme predatory instincts. Super smart, super competitive. A bunch of alpha males having at each other.

  2. Hey Peter!
    A laurel canyon fan!
    Are you, like me just waiting for the next segment? I have been checkin' the site repeatedly.

    Anyway, yeah, the Jones murder or 'death by misadventure' does remind one alot of all the deaths by misadventure in Laurel Canyon.

    Did you catch the Jimi Hendrix story to, I had posted previously?
    Worth more dead then alive?

    wrt the rolling stones, I have said there can't be two leaders in a band, and mick and brian definitely both wanted to be top dog.
    The '69 tour was huge for the stones, did you catch the LC episode that made mention of the guy at the stones show in New York, he tried to take the stage etc. but ended up dead?
    That guy was in fear for his life, from what? Makes you wonder if he knew anything about the death of Brian Jones or something else?

    I always wondered about the altamont show. A free show?
    I know it was supposed to be a kind of 'woodstock' redux, but I don't think so?

    I mean if your going for a woodstock kind of show, why the hell would you hire the hell's angels for security? Makes no sense?
    I know they did security at the hyde park show, but..... different country, different bikers??
    Have you seen the gimme shelter documentary?
    It is worth seeing for Mick's face at the end.

  3. Yes Penny, I check his site(McGowan's) daily in hopes of updates.
    I have not seen your Hendix story.
    The rift between Jagger and Jones was significant (from what little I know of the matter) The seedy, business side of music is, seemingly, about a bunch of organized crime hoodlums.(record company executive weasels) The business agents of Jagger and Jones was where the action is or was.
    I guess the guy who tried to go on stage in New York wanted to make some kind of dramatic revelation or warning, very strange.
    The Altamont thing is also peculiar. A snuff film for the world.McGowan mentions that George Lucas may have been behind the camera and Lucas' star began to shine thereafter.
    I always wondered about the poor girl who was with the guy who was stabbed . She was standing right near the whole grotesque affair. What ever happened to her?
    They showed the Gimme Shelter documentary on the local PBS station here in New York many many years ago. It has been such a long time since I have seen it. I remember how powerful the actual stabbing scene was. I think they showed it over and over again during that broadcast. Again, it was a long time ago.
    Penny, did you see my comment under the Nina Simone post? You can hear Nina and other great Jazz music here:

  4. I had this other poster hanging here, named Roger, and he was quite interesting. Left some interesting stuff here to read.
    Hey Roger if you are about!
    Anyway, have you clicked the tags/labels at the bottom.
    I had this documentary up, I think in four parts, the fellow who made the doc left a message here, and then while following LC, had to dig up on Operation Midnight Climax and lo and behold, there is a television show being made about that.
    Someoen from the show left the link here and they had mentioned they were going to dig up some stuff hopefully through FOIA, I told them let me know if you have any luck.
    Truthfully, alot of that stuff was destroyed.
    Sorry for rambling.......

  5. Hey Peter, yup I saw the info you left in the Nina Simone post, and thanks so much for that!

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