Friday, August 7, 2009

Swine flu cases down

Interesting to note this drop in swine flu came about without a major immunization plan in place, it just dropped seasonally

Big drop in new swine flu cases
England recorded an estimated 30,000 cases last week, compared with 110,000 the week before. In Scotland estimated numbers fell from 1,500 to 1,050.

The Health Protection Agency said there was no sign that the virus was mutating into a more lethal form, or developing resistance to drugs.

The total of swine flu-related deaths in England and Scotland stands at 40.

Wales is also reporting falling but widespread levels of "influenza like illness" with an estimated 2,670 new cases compared with 4,410 last week. (Influenza like illness does not necessarily mean swine flu)

Swine flu cases fall by 80,000

Ireland- Swine flu numbers stabilise
THE NUMBER of human swine flu cases presented to GPs last week fell by about 100.
"Officials have always predicted rates of infection would fall away in the summer"
( See the sunshines role in Vitamin D production and lower influenza rates, as this is very typical)

How serious is the threat? They're probably just guessing...

A month ago the Government warned us that by the end of August 100,000 people would be getting swine flu every day. Yesterday it produced figures showing that the disease has apparently peaked, with only 30,000 new cases last week. How did they get it so wrong?

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  1. Influenza A H1N1 has killed a young woman in dublin 2nite and represents Ireland's first fatality from the virus

  2. Hi Penny;
    You might find this interesting. It isn't about the swine flu, but the anti-vaccination movement in Australia;

  3. thanks jim, interestingly, there are parents that are vehemently opposed to vaccinations.

    My own kiddo was best friends with a girl who's parents did not get her vaccinated at all.(the childhood vaccines)

    I do agree that it is up to the parents to make the decision for their child they feel is in their child's best interest.

    I don't know if their is an organized anti-vaccination movement, so to speak of, as I know most parents will vaccinate their children.

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