Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thanks qotn for Nina Simone

qotn had on her blog a really amazing song by Nina Simone. Nina Simone, who is this woman? I had not heard of her! How was this possible? I love this song in particular and since I have been so serious lately... I thought it was time to share a great song- Feeling Good!
And qotn, I am not sick of it yet :)


  1. How lovely! Makes me happy just hearing it again. Listened to it all with the sound up. Cute graphics.

    I have very few mp3 sound files. If I like the music I try to get the CD. The sound is so much better. Then, I might copy it to mp3 format for the car CD player.

    I don't have time right now, but later today when I get a moment, I'll list the name & numbers of my Nina CDs & maybe you can order them. Must be able to get so much good stuff sent to you where you are, I would think.

  2. news coming in about possible mossad involvment in the Arctic Sea hijacking.

    I had the somewhat strange experience of seeing Nina Simone perform a few years ago, she wasn't in the best of health but I thought she did a terrific job.

    The strange part was that I couldn't quite believe she was playing under an oak tree in a field in Devon.

  3. John, knock my socks off!!

    I will be back to talk on Nina Simone, but, I must check out the mossad link!

  4. Pen, you'll never get ahead in the bluffing stakes by saying you've never heard of 'insert-famous-jazz-person-here'. You must ALWAYS have heard of whoever-it-is, with the rider, 'but I only know their later stuff'. But never mind that, Feeling Good is brilliant isn't it?

  5. playing under an oak tree!

    That sounds wonderful, truly.

    nobody: wasn't bluffing, I had never heard of this gal, I think I spent to many years on the rock and blues music, and never got outside of the genre.

    jazz eh? maybe that is why I couldn't find anything?

  6. Two compilation CD's which feature several songs by Nina, that are readily available from, are: "Verve/Remixed","Verve/Unmixed', and "Verve/Remixed 2". There are other Verve remixed CD's but I prefer these first 3 in quotation marks.
    Btw, I found your blog because I too, am a huge fan of Dave McGowan's writing.

  7. thanks Peter!
    kindred spirit!!!!