Thursday, August 13, 2009

What happened to the Russian Ship??

Anyone following this story? Strange, to say the least. Wild speculation anyone?

Ship disappears after sail through English Channel

The ship was reportedly attacked in waters off of Sweden July 24th/09

"15 crew members of the Arctic Sea said they were tied up and beaten by a group of up to 10 men who boarded the ship off the Swedish island of Oland. The masked men identified themselves as police officers _ but Swedish police said they hadn't been searching ships in that area. The men then left the ship twelve hours later, in an inflatable boat.

It then sailed through the English Channel where it made rountine contact

"On July 28, the Arctic Sea made contact with British maritime authorities as it passed through the busy English Channel. The ship made a routine, mandatory report _ saying who they were, where they were from, where they were going and what their cargo was."

Then the ship disappeared!

"There have been no attacks in European waters," said Pottengal Mukundan, director of the London-based International Maritime Bureau. "It's not the kind of area where pirates would find it easy to operate."

It is now August 13th, and no ship
Some reports are suggesting the ship contained some "mystery" cargo. Who knows?

It is being widely reported that he Russian Navy is now searching the Atlantic Ocean for the ship.


  1. After extensive study on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that the ship was abducted by Aliens, yes Aliens but not just any run of the mill Aliens, nosiree. These aliens are from the back woods and back waters of Tennesse and Gorgia where after many years of intensive inbreeding have mutated into something best described as some thing out of this world. Anyhoos needing a ship to transport the massive quantities of fried chicken and apple dumpling to their hootananyies they stole the ship, after all they figured it was just a Russian ship so who would notice.

    Perhaps the Russians should ask Bill Clinton AKA the pirate prince AKA a shithead AKA a slippery like coated in chicken fat dork about their missing ship. I think that the answers might be interesting.

  2. I like the wild alien speculation you have engaged in!

    But expand on the Bill Clinton theory?

  3. Well he is from the south, he's guilty of virtualy everything that he has been accused of and he did make some secret not so secret trips lately so why not Bill?
    Works fer me so I say hang the bastard.

  4. Hi Penny,

    I can't comment on whether Bill Clinton or aliens hijacked the ship. (I need more evidence.) However, I'm pretty sure the reporter was given a good going over by aliens.

    Why else would he be speaking with that unearthly intonation?

    The MALTese flag DRY cargo ship ARCtic sea LEFT FINland and was DUE to arrive at the AlGERian port of BEJaïa...

  5. Kaliningrad is a big russian military zone, there have been rumours of missiles in the area. I wonder what Mikhail Voitenko meant by "something much more expensive and dangerous."

  6. It's ALIENS Dammnit why won't you people listen? It's aliens I say Arrrrg and they do not come in peace, they come to steal our ships and Bill is their leader.

    The end times are near I fear, No ships no boats no dingys all lost to Aliens. Sad Sad Sad they will not get my Bass boat till they pry the mooring rope from my Cold Dead Hands.

    Talk about justice the word is DOGMA

  7. Hey Pen, all I know is that this story doesn't make a lick of sense. Not as reported by the media that is. There were 'pirates' on the boat for 12 hours were there? What did they do that was piratical exactly? They boarded the boat, tied everyone up, and... and what exactly? Did they rob them? Why did it take 12 hours?

    Absurdly the media reports that they were pirates but in no way wonders what that means. They even remark that such a thing is unheard of in Western waters. And...? And nothing. They report a story that doesn't make a lick of sense, prompts nothing but questions, and yet they say it all as if it did make sense and no one asks any questions.

    For mine, it's so obviously state backed spook monkey business. I mean honestly.

  8. great comments,

    first, qotn, the voice in that video clip was too much, eh?

    John: Kaliningrad is an interesting angle to this mystery.

    silv: no one is going to take your fishing boat away, not aliens or Bill Clinton.

    agree, as reported by the media it doesn't make a lick of sense.

    There were 'pirates' on the boat?
    The crew claims it was policeman.
    Maybe the media should call it piracy, rather then use the colourful term pirate, but then again, headline grabbing word useage is common.
    And yes, I notice, the media doesn't question that, just states it.

    I myself lean towards state backed hijinks or the crew is scamming.

    this is not the type of piracy associated with somalia, there has been no demand of ransom thus far.

    I put some interesting things in the newest post, so check it out.
    Myself, I was struck by the tracking map, interesting.