Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who wanted the Artic Sea to disappear and why?

Given the tracking devices/technology on these ships? It is impossible for a ship to have been 'lost'.

Conflicting reports about the Artic Sea being found, make it clear, it hasn't been found.
It was reported in two places. One African sighting, that turned out to be a false alarm

Another report, not a sighting, but the tracking signal was briefly picked up in the Bay of Biscay off the coast of France. Here is a transcript of the reporting

Moscow: A tracking device aboard a cargo ship, missing since late July, was briefly reactivated Saturday, showing the vessel's location in the Bay of Biscay, a Russian maritime journal said.

Sovfrakht said the cargo ship was in the Atlantic near France's La Rochelle port, citing data from the tracking device at 08:30 GMT. Later the signal suddenly disappeared.

This story is however quickly disappearing. Why? The signal emitted by the ship is usually the most legitimate evidence of the ship's whereabouts. Unless the ship and it's tracker have been seperated. But, really what evidence is there of that? In the video that follows, I get the impression the ship infact has more then one tracking signal.

Just listen to what this man has to say.

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  1. I made reference to this in a reponse to doug:

    China and Russia have been vocal advocates of a global treaty against space-based weapons and argue for this to be included in future Conference of Disarmament negotiations. The United States has dismissed the criticism as designed to block its plans for a missile interceptor system — while leaving untouched Chinese and Russian ground-based missiles that can fire into space.
    “Countries should neither develop missile defense systems that undermine global strategic stability nor deploy weapons in outer space,” Yang said. He added that China welcomed moves to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

    this isn't anything new, china and russia have asked for this kind of treaty for sometime now, the US rejects it.