Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals paid for articles praising hormone replacement therapy

This story seems to be breaking wide open. Thanks to a lawsuit of persons injured by this therapy. Would we have found out otherwise?
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals used (paid) ghostwriters to produce at least 26(possibly more)articles, though some news sources are reporting upwards of 40, in respected medical journals. All supporting the use of hormone replacement therapy in women and many others.

You may recall this hormone replacement therapy was finally stopped because of a greatly increased risk of breast cancer.

A top Canadian researcher has just been outed in this scandal

A top Canadian researcher studying hormone replacement therapy was part of a ghostwriting scheme paid for by drug giant Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to promote its products, court documents obtained by the Toronto Star indicate.

The article in question appeared in the April 2000 edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and listed McGill University psychology professor Barbara Sherwin as author.

Professor Sherwin, is not alone.

Take your pick of articles.

Who benefitted from these ghostwritten articles? Wyeth of course.

The articles, published in medical journals between 1998 and 2005, emphasized the benefits and de-emphasized the risks of taking hormones to protect against maladies like aging skin, heart disease and dementia. That supposed medical consensus benefited Wyeth, the pharmaceutical company that paid a medical communications firm to draft the papers, as sales of its hormone drugs, called Premarin and Prempro, soared to nearly $2 billion in 2001.

Who didn't benefit? The patient.

But the seeming consensus fell apart in 2002 when a huge federal study on hormone therapy was stopped after researchers found that menopausal women who took certain hormones had an increased risk of invasive breast cancer, heart disease and stroke. A later study found that hormones increased the risk of dementia in older patients.


  1. Scary but no suprising. And of course one of the reasons Pharma gets away with killing us is because everything can be blamed on obesity. If women gained weight while taking the hormones, they could just attribute the cause to that and blame the patient. Until the US public tightens their critical thinking caps, nothing will change.

  2. fatNsassy: Not just the US public, the public in general world wide, has to put on their thinking caps and develop some, not some, lots of critical thinking skills.

    This is a way that pharma makes natural human body changes menopause, into diseases they can treat, with profitable results for them and questionable results for patients.