Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anthrax Wars, Dead Scientists and Biowarfare research

Hoping I am not annoying those that follow, but, this is going to be a multiple post day.

The other day, I put up a link to an interview with Eric Nadler, it was a good one and I hope it wasn't missed.

After I listened to it, I recalled a news story that is connected to what Eric Nadler was talking about. The proliferation of labs doing work with deadly virus's. Labs right in your neighbourhood.
The recent death of a professor at Chicago University. A deadly plague virus at a University.
Here is a selection of stories.

And then Edo, was good enough to come along and tell me this man had a documentary that he had seen. Thanks Edo! Sure enough, the CBC had shown the documentary on The Passionate Eye . Here is Part 1 of Anthrax War:

An aside, I see Francis Boyle appears in this documentary. I have heard him interviewed a number of times regarding bioweapons. He is always excellent!

You can find the rest of the documentary in the links below. The first 6 parts are approximately 10 minutes in length, the seventh is about 5 minutes. Most certainly worth watching it all.
Part 2 here
Part 3 here
Part 4 here
Part 5 here
Part 6 here
Part 7 here


  1. Great work Penny - I am sorta office bound today and will give the whole series a listen!!

    I might give ya a call too! It's been too long hun!


  2. wowee, I have gotten through the first 5 parts!
    Can I say, to see Frank Olson mentioned and his history, and his so called "suicide" dredged up.

    Recalling Bruce Ivins deaths and subsequent framing by the FBI, David Kelly's death and subsequent whitewash in Britian, and the CIA's murder of Frank Olson and subsequent cover up.
    Is there a pattern here?

    Over to you Maggie, were you just appalled as South Africa's attempt to create race specific bio weapons.

    I;ll watch the last bit, should be good