Saturday, September 12, 2009

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

The more things change the more they stay the same.................

Medical ethics group says physicians monitored 'enhanced interrogation techniques' and studied their effectiveness

Doctors and psychologists the CIA employed to monitor its "enhanced interrogation" of terror suspects came close to, and may even have committed, unlawful human experimentation, a medical ethics watchdog has alleged.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), a not-for-profit group that has investigated the role of medical personnel in alleged (demonstrated, proven) incidents of torture at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and other US detention sites, accuses doctors of being far more involved than hitherto understood.

PHR says health professionals participated at every stage in the development, implementation and legal justification of what it calls the CIA's secret "torture programme".

The American Medical Association, the largest body of physicians in the US, said it was in open dialogue with the Obama administration and other government agencies over the role of doctors. "The participation of physicians in torture and interrogation is a violation of core ethical values," it said.

The most incendiary accusation of PHR's latest report, Aiding Torture, is that doctors actively monitored the CIA's interrogation techniques with a view to determining their effectiveness, using detainees as human subjects without their consent. The report concludes that such data gathering was "a practice that approaches unlawful experimentation".

Human experimentation without consent has been prohibited in any setting since 1947, when the Nuremberg Code, which resulted from the prosecution of Nazi doctors, set down 10 sacrosanct principles. The code states that voluntary consent of subjects is essential and that all unnecessary physical and mental suffering should be avoided.

The West claims Muslims are barbarous????
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Flashback: It was these same kind of inhumane perverted "doctors" that conducted all the MKUltra experiments, without the consent of the humans they were abusing.
From LSD to radiation and more, the MKUltra docs did it all. Just like these doctors. Oh yeah, both times employed by the CIA!


  1. Further disclosure of covert human experimentation. medical records and X-rays at disclose covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation,(Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age)without informed consent, nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-"scar tissue removal") This information correlates with the CIA MK-ULTRA project of psychosurgical and brain implant research, upon unwitting subjects.
    Those subjects being myself, and other children who suffer epilepsy at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. Not to neglect the 50,000 children at Quebec's Duplesiss Orphanage, where during the 50's, were exploited for covert LSD and lobotomy research. While the authorities play obstruction, damage control, and concealment, I have a HSC patient advocate informing me of a "on-going problem". Would appreciate to locate other unwitting subjects of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.
    Terry Parker Jr./aka Robertson

  2. The CIA Crime Syndicate {Tavistock,etc,,,],does Involuntary Human Experimentation, against Veterans,at Veterans Administration Facilities,against unwitting Veterans. Veterans are used as Human Lab Rats, in these Frankenstein Science Experiments.
    Attempting to expose this, will cause the VA Federal Police,to try & spin every thing against you.Labeling a whistle blower, as an Anti Semite,is a trick often employed,to keep investigations from looking up.Looking up,is career suicide.Investigators,protect the interest of their pay check,in direct opposition,to the interests of Veterans, if such choice is made neccessary.
    Racist Anti Gentile Jews,are at the head of this. Often no one has a clue,that something is amiss,due to well placed Crypto - Marranos Jews, in administrative possitions.Extremely Crafty Deceptions are used, to dupe casual observers.
    I have spent 8 1/2 years,researching persons I had assumed not to be Jewish,only to be realized, that they have hidden their Jewness,& are faithful to the Ancient Kabbalist teachings, of the Talmud. They can dehumanize Gentiles,because they are taught,that Gentiles are "GOYIM". Contrary to what a Jew admits,a Gentile is considered "GOY" (singular)/ "GOYIM" (plural),which is a derrogatory, dehumanizing term, which translates to,'A STUPID ANIMAL - Their Livestock'.
    A Jew is forbidden to work for a Gentile,unless it is to gather information, helpful to Jews. The Talmud teaches,that a Gentile's sole pupose,on earth,is to serve his Jewish Masters.Usary is forbidden,but encouraged to be used to enslave Gentiles,who are considered subhuman,so it is okay, to have your livestock serve your interests. If a Gentile becomes a useless eater,or harms a Jew,he is to be killed,by all Jews seeking to do harm, toward the targeted Gentile.The Talmud forbids actual translation,into any language,even Hebrew.The penalty for so doing,is death.Jews not Kabbalist,are considered Goyim,& left out of the loop,thhough they are duped into believing other wise.
    M.I.T. / Raytheon / IBM / U.C. - Berley - Davis - LA / Stanford Univ. + SRI / Leiden Univ. (Amsterdam & Leiden) / KBR / Halliburton / DuPont / QinetiQ + IN-Q-TEL + Q-INTEL (CIA fronts,working with Mossad & MI-6)/ Hitachi / Nokia Seimens / CACI / Boeing / Northrup Grunman / Booz Allen / Black Water - Xe - Academi /Lockheed / Mc Gil Univ. + Hospital / Skull & Bones - Cap & Gown - Quill & Dagger / Princeton Univ. / Yale Univ. / SAIC / DARPA / ONI - ONR / AFRL / Eli Lilly / Pharmacia / Monsanto / Sterling Drug / Merc / Sandoz Labs / TITAN / DIA / CSIS (Awards the contracts, to conduct information containment.Henry Kissinger is Trustee) / Royal Dutch Shell / Exxon Mobile /,etc...,have all played a role,in my own having been used,as a Human Lab Rat, in their dehumanizing, torturous human experiments.
    If you research these Institutions,corporatations, & Agencies, you will find they are under Jewish control.Career paths are streamlined,for those trusted to adhere to the shadow agenda,while staying on script,spreading scripted lies & Disinformatio, about the true goings on...BEING DIRTY,IS JOB SECURITY.

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  3. The Carlyle Group Cabal's members (Answerable,to the House of Rothschild), puppets our Intelligence Agencies(Carlyle Group owns Booz Allen + QinetiQ,& are joined at the hip with CSIS & Monsanto).

    Here is a model,for one of their global covert program :

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    This is Cabal's "Soft, Slow, Silent - Kill" Murder - "No Touch Torture" Program :

    Schlund vs. Bush, RICO Lawsuit Affidavit, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals-Arizona :