Thursday, October 22, 2009

Canada rolls out the H1N1 vaccine

Hurry one, Hurry all, limited time availability!

Not really, Canada has purchased lots of this vaccine. Canada alone is spending more then 400 MILLION dollars on vaccines.

Thereby ensuring maximum profitability for the pharmaceutical corporations and guaranteeing big bonus's for their CEO's. Because they really don't make that much money. But, I digress.

I know that H1N1 is a "pandemic"! I hear it constantly in the main stream media.
But the stats for Canada tell us a different story.

The pandemic has so far killed 83 people in Canada and hospitalized more than 1,500.

The recession/depression has hit Canada a hell of a lot worse then the swine flu. I wonder if the money could have been better spent elsewhere? Because I am thinking there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people that are out of work in Canada and food bank useage is soaring.....But, I digress again!

It's a pandemic! 83 people have died!

Then I wondered how many people die from seasonal flu? I couldn't find a number for Canada, however the CDC claims that 36,000 Americans die yearly from the flu.
Since Canada's population is about 1/10th that of the US, I used 1/10 of the US figure to estimate that about 3,600 people die every year from seasonal flu in Canada
But, 83 have died from H1N1 and it is a pandemic, but seasonal flu isn't?

Health Canada has pronounced the swine flu vaccine has been declared safe, though safety trials are ongoing, and results won't be known until next year!,
Wait just a minute...?? Read for yourself.

"I am happy to say that today, Health Canada has authorized the H1N1 flu virus vaccine,"

"Canadian clinical trials of the vaccine are still underway, and the results won't be available until next year"

So, how is it declared safe?

"Federal health authorities have relied on data from clinical trials done on the same vaccine in Europe"

What clinical trials? Who conducted the trials? Did the clinical trials include the use of experimental adjuvants? The ones contained in Canada's H1N1 vaccine?
Because Health Canada says it is the same vaccine, but is it?

"The adjuvant used in Canada's swine flu vaccine, AS03, has also been tested in about 45,000 people around the world using a "mock" H5N1 vaccine."
That doesn't seem to be the exact same vaccine? Maybe the adjuvant is the same, but H5N1 and H1N1 are not the same viruses? Same adjuvant, but a different virus. Can this bring about different safety results?
Confusing, isn't it ?

It is also interesting to note some other H1N1 news that is getting much hype.

"Some researchers predicting that pandemic H1N1 influenza infections are peaking this week"

If that is the case, the mass vaccinations are unnecessary.
But, they are available now in Canada!


  1. Peaking this week? Oh my I wonder if that means that the government will be asking the Indians to send the body bags back? I thought that was a particularly nice touch on the part of the government. I mean the Indians ask for soap and they get body bags instead, not too much grey area there.
    And 83 dead that’s very impressive, not as impressive as say thirty or forty thousand or a million even but by Canadian standards that’s still pretty impressive.

    And now with all that vaccine I guess I won’t be able to try out my new wheelbarrow and I was so looking forward to pushing it down the street ring the bell and shouting “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, Ding Ding,, Ding Ding. It would have been so yuh know Charles Dickinsish.. besides with Halloween just around the corner it would have been soo neat to have all those rotting corpses lying around the yard Yuh know just to scare the bejammers out of the little ghouls when they come a haunting.

    But alas with all this vaccine tis not to be,(sigh). Oh wait, perchance all is not lost yet, perchance the venerable vaccine will kill more than the flu, and then the flu perhaps will develop a resistance to the exalted vaccine, Yes that’s it More dead, I will indeed have my corpses, big Pharma CEO’s will be able to get off of welfare and go on to kill others. Yes life is good (and death ain’t so bad either, as long as yer not standing to close to the action). Wink

  2. the body bags were a scare tactic on the part of the gov, or at least that was my take on it.

    You may still get the chance to roll out the wheelbarrow.
    Think of the fall-out from the vaccines?

    As for corporate ceo's and their welfare program, dam it's a good one!
    So nice of Canadian taxpayers to help out with it.

    we all see the nice deficit growth, but wait the liberals will do better, no the conservatives will do better.
    They'll continue to bail out their corporate cronies, and the masses will get stuck with the bill, unless they wake up?