Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dave's waggin' the moon doggie over NASA's moon bomb

The bomb that was a dud!

Yeah, the site is up. And Dave gives us his take on the recent NASA moon bombing

Hopefully we can get this read before the site get's overloaded!!!


  1. this part just kills me, I can actually here Dave saying this...

    "With the United States having long led the world in both lunar exploration and blowing shit up, this mission couldn’t have really been any easier, so it came as no surprise that everyone seemed to be brimming with confidence. President BlackBush, Nobel Peace Prize in hand, was reportedly heard to say: “How do you like me now, motherfuckers?! I’m going to bomb the motherfucking Moon! You all thought that punk-ass bitch that preceded me was arrogant? Watch how I roll!”

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  3. (totally fucked the previous post!)

    Hahaha... i was pissing myself at exactly the same part.

    If 'ol BlackBush does end up getting the magic bullet treatment, Samuel L. Jackson will just have to play Obama in the Hollywood story.

    How about "Obama, rise and fall of pimpdaddypres"

  4. Bloody Hell! I just realised that there's now six pieces to the moondoggie thing. Who knew? The front page only has two. Last thing I read he was taking apart a bunch of 'debunkers'. (hmm... and that seems to have disappeared now).

    Otherwise, what's going on? Is Dave on cocaine or something? Boy, he's going to be so wrung out when it's all gone.

    Still! Like I care?! I'm having far too much fun reading, ha ha. Onya Dave!

  5. Hey Nobody! You're right, that addendum has changed, twice to my recollection.

    I think Dave allowed himself to get seriously pissed off by these 'circle jerkers', because the first version I saw (which was up for literally an hour) had this bit in where he felt obligated to tell the world how good at maths he was as a child.

    I found that quite bizarre, and he obviously did too, after an hour this passage was gone!

  6. I kinda feel sorry for the scientists that their plan didn't work out so well. They were so excited.


  7. hey maggie, yah, it would have been totally disheartening.

    oh and I just tried to hit on the site, it is down again.

    I still need to read the rest of the first 5 parts, I had only gotten through the first 2.

  8. silverfish and all...

    I mention silv specifically because he mentioned something you had referred to.

    Gallier has left some interesting comments on the waggin the moon doggie post and I think they warrant a look by whomever is interested in this subject.
    link below


  9. Thanks for the pointer Pen. I left a comment over there (under Gallier's stuff) and also pointed you to my place for what had originally been a comment for here but spun out of control. Anyway, my comment is over at my place. Ciao Ciao.