Thursday, October 29, 2009

Manson & the Crushing of the Counter Culture Movement

Interesting to all the Laurel Canyon fans, also relevant to the "Programmed to Kill" book, by the same author, David McGowan.

An interesting interview, Mae Brussel, is available here.

"Charles Manson and the Crushing of the Counter Culture" with researcher and broadcaster, Mae Brussell. Originally aired in October 1971 on her radio program, Dialogue: Assassination, this show reveals Manson as a patsy and analyzes the so-called Manson murders as a premeditated political massacre designed to destroy the social and political revolution taking place in the late '60s.
Interesting interview, because it is right at the relevant time frame. It is like a snapshot at just the right moment.

Oh, and btw the website is very informative.

I found interesting the mention in the interview of the first 'opinion' piece in the main stream media, immediately preceding the murders, called "Did Hate kill Tate" written by Ed Butler.

Sadly, I could not find the article, I did however find some info on Ed Butler

Ed Butler, it seems, really got around. Besides writing propaganda, to attempt to initially frame the Black Panthers and or Communists for the Tate/LaBianca murders, he was also tied to the JFK assassination.

Ed Butler even used the fact, in his article that Roman Polanski, the man who has made so much news lately, had formerly resided in a communist country and perhaps this was why his wife was murdered........

BTW: Roman Polanski's victim asks court to drop charge against director


  1. Has anyone given any thought that perhaps Manson is just a Nutjob?

    I know that it's hard to believe but there are those out there who are just plain crazy, no conspiracies just Nutjobs who should be given a bullet to the back of the head not a jail cell. Or perhaps he should be elected President, before you laugh to hard or loud just think about it, who has killed for no GOOD reason more innocent people, Manson or ANY and I do mean ANY president of the United States. Now please tell me, Who are more criminally insane?

    1. All the more reason to set him up. If you were going to set someone up would you want to do it to a person that had credibility and a right mind?

  2. Sure Manson is alot of things.
    He spent enough time in the "system", that it is entirely possible he is not in his right mind.

    But, he technically never murdered anyone, not at the Tate or LaBianca household. He was not present at either scenes.
    He was never charged with murder and wasn't tried for murder.

    He was convicted on conspiracy to commit for allegedly instructing his followers to commit murder.
    Apparently he told them and they followed thus establishing mind control as a household concept.

    I wonder how many people who have never actually commited murders get the death sentence, commuted to life imprisonment for instructing people to carry out crimes??

    I won't laugh at that concept either silv, because presidents through manipulative use of power do indeed cause more murder and mayhem then charles manson could have ever imagined.