Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama declares swine flu a "National Emergency"

This news just breaking.

President Obama Signs Emergency Declaration for H1N1 Flu

What is REALLY going on here? Why this action?
There realistically appears to be no legitimate need for this action.
For "411 confirmed deaths and over 8,000 hospitalizations, according to the Centers for Disease Control " in the US?
Keeping in mind the population of the US is over 300 million.
A national State of Emergency?
The swine flu facts have not been anywhere equal to the swine flu hype.
There has been alot of resistance to the vaccine, likely more then was expected.

Yet,this National Emergency declaration is expected too

The declaration could sharply increase demand for the vaccine, which is becoming available much more slowly than originally expected.
Is that the reason?
Like some kind of creepy mass marketing ploy?
Using fear to scare people into taking a vaccine?

Or is it more insidious then even that?
Keeping in mind, this:

“When the President formally declares a national emergency, he may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens,”

What rights are going to be restricted?
Will this 'state of emergency' tactic spread to other countries?
I am concerned there is more to this then meets the eye.


  1. Well it seems that Uncle Tom is dancing at the end of his strings according to plan. And why should he not? He knows on which side his bread is buttered. Everything about this jew shine boy stinks.

  2. Ahh well, Penny, I recall us chatting years ago that a man made health disaster would be the perfect venue to slide in martial law.

    I guess we are both swammis now!

  3. I really think that the whole vaccine thing is to distract us from something. They knew they lost the vaccine battle a while ago and decided to lose it in the most visible way while something else was happening.

    I believe that something else is a coming food shortage from the various things I have heard. It also may be Codex. They do not want a mass uprising against Codex.

  4. Hi Doug,

    I think you're right, but it doesn't have to be only one thing they are distracting us from. It certainly could be the Codex, which is never spoken of in msm, but it could also be the upcoming war - one which will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like walks in the park on a sunny afternoon - there are many things this can distract us on.

    Meanwhile, call me a tinfoil hatter if you must - but they have been spraying trails EVERY day, ALL DAY LONG around here lately. What a better vector for spreading the virus?

    I'm an airforce brat, and believe me I DO know the difference between contrails and these things that never, ever go away.


  5. National Emergency = Emergency Powers

    In the US, this would be the UN, with health control handed over the the WHO.

    In Europe, this would be the EU, again with health control handed over to the WHO.. though I'm not sure if all the individual countries need to sign a state of emergency or not.

    People seeking power need to legitimise what they're doing. Thats what all these big organisations are for:

    UN - World Government
    NATO - World Police Force
    WHO - World Health
    World Bank - guess what? World Bank...

    Looked at in this interconnected way, you can see why strange (read criminal, insane, evil) decisions get made.

    Doug, glad you brought up Codex. This will be introduced in the UK at the end of this year.

  6. I was looking at chemtrails on the web yesterday.

    Having athsma, this has always concerned me greatly.

    Everyone is so focused on the vaccines - its a dead issue. There is no way they can mass vaccinate everyone.

    When mainstream gives a story attention, we have either won or they are using the issue for distraction.

    Codex is the single biggest thing we have ever seen. It makes the wars and dope dealing seem trivial.

  7. Hey Doug, (and I'll apologise to Penny right now for spamming! :) ), but whip over to my blog to see what my sky has been like. I threw up some pics from the 9th, but may add some I took this am while outside raking leaves.

    Yeah, when I talk to folks about Codex they often look at me like I have three heads.

  8. Yup silverfish obama dances to the piper that calls his tune, whichever and whomever that piper is?

    hey maggie
    swammi's we is!
    the vaccine baloney is about something, maybe vaccines for one and other things too.

    I was thinking that more peope die annually from smoking cigarettes, not to mention the second hand smoke, and yet......
    sure, it is "controlled" to ensure maximum tax grab.
    but, you can smoke as much as you want, as long as you pay your taxes.
    So the "health concern" angle for swine flu is a non starter IMO.

    Ramping up the fear, to gain control however???
    Like some big social experiment.
    Or will the shit hit the fan financially?
    And martial law can be declared
    will there be food shortages?
    there is talk of that.
    and out of this all?
    Our global governance?

  9. hey edo!
    can the emergency powers be ceded to WHO? I read something along that line previously. I'll have to see what I can find.

  10. "can the emergency powers be ceded to WHO?"

    Yes, for health related issues, they can. So for immunisation policies WHO are in charge.

    There are added benefits for TBTB in calling a state of emergency though. For example, constitutional rights are removed during a state of emergency. This isn't something new, the same applied during times of war, like during WW2 for example.... The real question must be, "now that they have granted themselves the rights to call the tune, what song are the public supposed to sing"

  11. I feel that the mass "emergency" vaccinations are a behavioural conditioning tool, same as anything else out there mandated by government. The important thing is to convince key people to be alarmist who then pass on the increasing alarmism and create a mass hysteria. As much as people might have been joking about it a month ago, perhaps a month from now people will look at you like an alien species if you dare mention out loud in front of two or more people that you think it's bullshit. Mention you didn't get the vaccine, and you might as well declare that you have the plague.

    On top of that, your reasoning, research, common sense and perhaps expertise will never be listened to, because if you've already taken the vaccine, and taken lots of other vaccines without question, why would one admit they were an idiot sheep controlled by mass marketing? Who would admit to the ultimate "bad parent" tag? Because that is how many people think . . . they take it personally. And, they have taken lie after lie s truth about government not being out to kill people . . . never mind the facts of history which belie the many more real deaths yet hidden.

    It's corporate fascism at its finest, but I think it does go beyond just that, as it seems too kind to just assign it as greediness and thoughtlessness. There is a purpose and design to all the machinations of these progroms . . .

    If (but I predict when) the swine flu really hits, with people all over the place taking off work (for various reasons, some of which may be the flu) because of it . . . how many here will not take the vaccine and then lie about having taken it?

  12. slozo: so we are like Pavlov's dogs eh?

    not all of us will salivate at the bell, or over react to the fear.
    Not all of us.

    "Mention you didn't get the vaccine, and you might as well declare that you have the plague."

    it's funny you say that, cause hubby and I were out, and he noticed when someone coughed everyone looked freaked out!
    You could see it in their faces.
    That is not good, not good at all, to have people reacting that way to on another.
    Soon hysteria follows.