Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama-Nobel War Prize

This is an interesting take on the Peace prize win. Not a Western outlook.
Certainly not an outlook our main stream media is going to give us.
It starts out pointing out the fact that Obama is a war President, not a peace President.
And queries, is the contradiction not in Obama's win, but in the award itself ?

Otherwise, how can a president who is already fighting four different atrocious wars--a war of occupation in Iraq, a war of attrition in Afghanistan, a proxy war in Somalia through the hands of Ethiopia, and a mopping-up operation in Pakistan; and preparing to start a fifth against the Islamic Republic of Iran, be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Is it a joke?

If it is, it will be on us. There is certainly a contradiction here; but it is not in Obama: it is in the prize itself, it is in the world in which it is given and in some of the unquestioned assumptions on which international norms are based.

And so begin the contradictions.....

In 1972 President Idi Amin Dada of Uganda wrote a telegram to US President Richard Nixon congratulating him on his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, a message which Amin ended with an observation saying, but Your Excellency, "whoever nominated you must have been joking!"

Distracted by the Watergate scandal and fully exploited by Henry Kissinger, Nixon had allowed the Secretary of State to muddle up both the immediate issue of the Vietnam War, on account of which he [Kissinger] would share the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize with a reluctant Le Duc Tho; and the Middle East question, on account of whose Camp David accord, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin would receive theirs five years later.

But despite the Nobel Prize, which co-winner Le Duc Tho, a member of Vietnam's politburo, refused to accept, the so-called achievements of Kissinger's Mideast summitry went up in the flames of the never-fully-quenched Tet Offensive that soon swept the scenery, now emptied of Americans who had avoided defeat with dishonor. According to Nixon, what America got was "peace with honour"--the honour of long-distance runners, because they had to run all the way from Vietnam back to America.

And for its part, the spirit of Camp David was torn to shreds by Laureate Begin in his pig-headed decision to invade Lebanon in the very year he received his prize. After 16 more years of war, another invasion of Lebanon, more summitry and road maps, going through Oslo to Wye, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

They were all in eminent company. When US President Woodrow Wilson received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919, it was honour for someone who had successfully spread the carpet of US and Western imperialism to cover most of the world; and what sweet irony that it should fall to the lot of Obama, another US president, to begin the process of rolling it back--albeit with the exception of some Persian rugs. The real denouement for any crisis is a return to its origin. And that is exactly what Alfred Nobel's dynamites are doing now. Conceived and made for violence, they were used in terror, and they became a means for attaining peace and rewarding peacemakers; and now, a recipient of its largesse is dropping dynamite on the heads of Afghan wedding guests.

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  1. ya i totally agree with you President obama is a war president not a peace president ..... so disappointed ... why he deserve it...