Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama's H1N1 Emergency Declaration see experimental drugs getting FDA approval

Anyone surprised? What side effects will these experimental drugs cause?

The first approval is Peramivir
President Obama Declares State of Emergency; FDA Lifts Limits on Experimental Anti-Viral Drug Peramivir

With more experimental drugs to come.

"The FDA could also approve other experimental meds, including Biota's laninamivir and T-705, or favipiravir, from Toyama Chemical. Researchers have late-stage data on laninamivir, in which a single dose performed as well as five days treatment with Tamiflu. Analysts also speculate that NexBio could eventually see an accelerated approval for FluDase, which stops the flu by blocking the body's molecular receptors. BioCryst, meanwhile, says it is completing production of approximately 130,000 courses of IV peramivir and is prepared to make more"


  1. I can't remember where I saw it exactly (probably Aangirfan's) but did you see the Der Speigel articles detailing that the government (as well as the military and police) would be getting a different vaccine from the ordinary people. Adjuvant and thimerosol-free sure enough.

    On top of this was the fact that Obama's kids wouldn't be given the vaccine at all. Hmm... just went to look. It seems Aangirfan has a link to Ron Paul questioning why his kids aren't being vaccinated. I wonder what's going on here? Why wouldn't he just have them injected with water? Or the stuff they're giving the German government? Strange.

  2. hey nobody:
    yup I saw that article.

    I thought I saw yesterday that Obama's kids have now had their swine flu shots, or so it is being claimed.

  3. Obama Daughters Get Swine Flu Shots

    Sharing the news that the president has allowed his daughters to receive the shots could ease the fears of ordinary Americans who are wondering whether to get vaccinated

    sharing the news, doesn't mean the received the shots, it doesn't mean they got the same shots as everyone else did, if they did indeed receive actual shots.

    But, hell, they are sharing the news.

  4. Winnipeg last night. Seems now that if one has an allergy to eggs vaccine is out. (Problem Statement) Mother of four takes kids in for the shot, no known allergies of any kind. One child gets the shot and goes into anaphylactic shock. Child gets a shot of adrenaline and is saved (Oh Happy Day). Mother is upset, DR’s say don’t worry we’re here for Yuh.

    Rep for the CDC Winnipeg makes statement to the effect that the vast majority of H1N1 cases are very mild and if one displays symptoms there really is no need to visit the Emerge as the Dr.’s and Nurses are SO overloaded. So Just stay home drink plenty of fluids and get some bed rest. Well that’s just what I wanted to hear, I sneezed this morn so I’m staying in bed with my laptop, dogs and a bottle of The Glen Livet Yuh know to keep those fluids flowing. Nuthing like a Scotch on the rocks to cure what ales yuh. However I feel that I will have to administer a few booster shots during this pandemic Yuh know just to be safe. Yup logs are on the fire, ice bucket is full, Scotch bottle is hung on the IV stand, I’m good to weather this storm.

    So now we have politicians, pregnant women, police, medical staff, fire and rescue that either get a special vaccine or none at all, and if you get it, the flu that is, you’ll probably get over it no problem without the vaccine. This is just starting to stink worse every Goddamn day.

    Yuh know that this whole story wouldn’t even make for a shity mini series on TV because the whole thing is so badly written. Maybe they should have gotten Dustbin Hoffman to do the PR shtick.

  5. Also I hear now that Dr.’s in Ontario and BC will be getting paid, (are yuh ready fer this?) an extra $518. an hour , that’s on top of their regular billing rate till this is over, pardon me while I retch. Whoops there went my lunch. $518. An hour for sticking holes in people, this has just got to be the best gig in town.