Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scientist arrested for selling secrets to FBI agents posing as Mossad agents

This story is a real kicker!

A scientist credited with helping discover evidence of water on the moon has been arrested on charges of attempting to pass on classified information to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer.

The US justice department said Stewart David Nozette, 52, was charged with attempting to communicate, deliver and transmit classified information to an individual he believed to be an Israeli intelligence officer.

Nozette, from Maryland, was arrested yesterday by FBI agents. He is expected to appear in federal court in Washington today.

Here is some of his work history:

Nozette had worked in varying jobs for the department of energy, the national aeronautics and space, and in the national space council in the president's office in 1989 and 1990.

The scientist developed the Clementine bistatic radar experiment that purportedly discovered water on the south pole of the moon. He worked from approximately 1990 to 1999 at the department of energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, where he designed highly advanced technology.

At the department of energy, Nozette held a special security clearance equivalent to the defence department top secret and "critical nuclear weapon design information" clearances. Department of energy clearances apply to access to information specifically relating to atomic or nuclear-related materials.

Nozette also held top offices at the Alliance for Competitive Technology, a nonprofit company that he organised in March 1990. Between January 2000 and February 2006, Nozette, through his company, had several agreements to develop advanced technology for the US government.

He performed some of the research and development at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, Virginia, and at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland.

But, what the above article fails to mention and this one does is that Nozette was a consultant for an Israeli company

From 1998 to 2008, the complaint alleges, Nozette was a technical adviser for a consultant company that was wholly owned by the Israeli government. Nozette was paid about $225,000 over that period, the court papers say.
He was "consulting for Israel" at the same time he was working these secretive US jobs? Shouldn't this have been cause for concern?

Here is a bit about the information he gave:

One answer contained information classified as secret, which concerned capabilities of a prototype overhead surveillance system. Nozette allegedly offered to reveal additional classified information that directly concerned nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, and other major weapons systems.

Why did the FBI decide to set up this sting up, at this time? Was he suspected of spying for Israel all along? If he was working with NASA in the lead up to the botched up bombing of the moon, what was that really all about? Weapons testing?
If he was employed by a company wholly owned by Israel, could he have another agenda entirely?

Questions, questions, questions......


  1. I think this is a distraction. This dude is being scapegoated in order to show that the US will deal tough with Israel.

    Or something like that.

    You can bet though, that after this little mention, we won't hear squat. I would imagine that this guy will be quietly sent back to Israel, no fanfare no real trial, no case.

  2. Just an FYI, I am not sure the "moon bombing" was really "botched up". The plume did not rise as high as some people expected but there was never complete consensus on how high it would rise. That's why you do the experiment. In the end several sensors did pick up the dust and useful data was gathered. Granted if we don't find water from the data it won't tell us that there wasn't water just that we didn't find it, and if we do find it we won't know much about what state the water was in. It may not have been the best designed experiment, but I don't think it was botched. The space craft did exactly what it was supposed to, and we got back data. Other than that a good post. Thanks.

  3. hey maggie:
    there is something about this story that striked me as odd.

    I just can't put my finger on it.

  4. Hey chrisw!

    In this story, one finds all the elements of recent news stories, the moon bombing, Israel, it just seemed timely and weird, of course, it could all be legit.

    Going on recall here, NASA had claimed there would be large plumes visible with a good telescope on earth, so something was not quite right.

    Myself, and this is just personal opinion think the bombing had more to do with weapons testing and less to do with water.

    Which takes me to the arrest of this fellow.. He was working on this project, so was it about water or advanced weapons?

  5. Hi Chris W.
    Who is "we" that you refer to?

  6. james, I hadn't noticed that.
    who is the we that chris w is referring to??


  7. I hope Nozette winds up in prison like Pollard. Nobody should get away with giving away vital secrets. These pro-Israel types should just go and live in the state where their loyalty really lies.