Friday, October 9, 2009

Update: Moon Impact

NASA makes as-yet unseen hit on moon with probes

But the big live public splash NASA had hoped for didn't quite happen. Screens got fuzz and no immediate pictures of the crash or the six-mile plume of lunar dust that the mission was all about.

NASA officials said their instruments were working, but the planned live photos were missing.

Nearly half an hour after the crash, NASA was promising pictures updated to its Web site.

But so far all NASA had was "images on the way in," said NASA spokesman Grey Hautaluoma.

People who got up before dawn to look for the crash at Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory threw confused looks at each other instead.

Until the glitch with live images, NASA was riding high, reporting no trouble at the Ames Research Center in California, where the mission was being controlled.
So, did it work?


  1. Awh geese how can people be so stupid. We all should know by now that projectile rockets and retrorockets DON'T throw up clouds of dust on the moon. They would of course do that on earth but we are talking the moon here so the laws of physics don’t apply. I mean didn't we all learn that in basic Apollo 101. If not just to refresh your memory look at the OFFICIAL NASA pics of Apollo and what do you see? That’s right NO DUST AT ALL, cept for the footprints but those prints were not made by rockets but by feet as we all know ROCKETS DON"T KICK UP DUST on the moon.. Perhaps NASA should have launched a shuttle load of used boots at the moon cuz like we know they kick up moon dust..

  2. I bet the chinese, russians and indians are pissing themselves.

  3. ATTENTION!!!! This news flash just in from NASA via it’s ultra highly secret, ultra top hush hush and mums the word data receiving and shipping branch in Fibberville North Dakota.. The coded encrypted and somewhat hard to read message seems to be coming from the moon itself and is it ever pissed. Seems that the Man in the Moon heard about the Peace Prize thingy just as the US was attempting to send a probe into it’s near backsidesness (very uncool) and in a state of complete fugue has refused to allow any data exchange until Obomba is exposed for the Cheese Doodle he really is.

    Can’t blame the big guy really, seems that the probe impacted in the Moons Gourmet Brie storage crater, hence no dust, some mold maybe but no dust. So the Man in the Moon having proprietary rights on all things moony is calling on all Brie lovers to boycott all Pat Boone , Andy William’s, Dean Martin and Perry Como songs until this issue is resolved.

  4. ha ha, you got that right Silverfish.

    hmmm brie, lovely

  5. Let us all be thankful that it wasn't the reserves of extra strong blue cheese...

  6. What about "Moon Rising" on You Tube...joseescamilla Is this dis-info ?