Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Obama's Peace prize is really George Bush's prize

I had a person leave a comment here, "President Obama's campaign and election changed the face of America" Changed the face of America? I thought about that one. He didn't say, the election had changed America, only that it had changed "the face of" America.

Did the person leaving this comment not realize that changing "the face of" a country, like a person, is not real change, just superficial change?

In fact changing the face of America is like saying, oh look we put a new mask on and it is so nice, and sparkly. Sadly, everything underneath the mask is the same, but, what a great mask we have on now!

And this got me thinking about a line from the song by
Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love"
A pretty face, don't make no pretty heart

Obama may be a pretty face, but underneath that sparkling exterior had the heart, American policy, really changed?

And continuing along those lines of thought, I had to seriously question if this Peace prize really is the one that should have went to George W, for making "peace" by waging war.
Because that is where Obama is at!

Perhaps, it would have been too unpalatable, to gauche, to award George Bush such a prize.
He was so bumbling, and awkward. He never photographed well, and always looked stunned.

But, George did wage war for peace, as Obama is continuing to do .

In fact Obama not only carries on the Bush legacy, he has covered it up, and expanded on it. He does however wear a different face while carrying on the same agenda.

Remember all the torture committed under the Bush regime? You would think Obama would want to clean that mess up. You know, restore the face of America to the world, but he doesn't.

In this bit of news-Congress again seeks to ban release of torture photos , the Obama White house is ensuring the truth stays hidden. No change there.

Barring the release of photos depicting abuse of detainees in U.S. custody was again the subject of a legislative amendment in the U.S. Senate this week when language that supports President Obama's intent to keep the photos from public disclosure was attached to the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill.

Here is some more non-change, from the new face of America you can believe in, as Obama QUIETLY sends more troops to Afghanistan. Well, what with him winning the peace prize a few days ago, we wouldn't want him to announce too loudly that he is sending more kids to die in the graveyard of empires.

Of course, there is the whole issue of Obama being nominated after just 12 days in office. 12 days! He had to have still been unpacking. He hadn't done anything of substance. The nuclear issue? The climate issue? He was still trying to find his way around the White house!

I guess, the Nobel committee is psychic, because they knew within just 12 days of the Obama presidency and him being nominated for his great deeds, what exactly his great deeds were going to be! Even though none of these alleged accomplishments, and I use that term loosely, they cite as reasons for winning were undertaken AFTER his nomination.
Yup, psychic!

But, I don't think they are psychic. Sadly, Obama after only 12 days as President couldn't and didn't accomplish anything even justifying the nomination.
Therefore, I am left with the conclusion that this Nobel Peace prize, really belongs to George Bush.


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    btw the word is poppycock(not sure why)

  2. Well Penny, I think I already said this - the prize is really Georgie and the Gangs!!

  3. omg, silv I went and checked and the site is down!

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    Dave, I apologize. If I have overloaded your site. ;)

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  4. Hey Maggie, if you said it, and I missed it, your were right, not only Georgie Boy's but a validation of pre-emptive warfare, and war for peace. And that all did originate with GWB.

    An aside, I gotta share, literally hundreds and hundreds of hits have come to the blog, on these 3 words

    Obama Prize Bullshit
    Obama Nobel Bullshit.

    It blows my mind. This is what people think of this win.