Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Within healthcare massive avoidable deaths hidden

In light of the swine flu 'pandemic', this seemed interesting, massive avoidable deaths hidden with the health care industry itself. How come this death toll is never addressed or barely even mentioned? Not sensational enough for the main stream media? The statistics say otherwise. In fact the preventable death toll is quite staggering. The figures should be shouted from rooftops!
However, this is not favourable to the medicine/pharmaceutical industry, it certainly won't increase sales, profits and stock options.

"Experts estimate that a staggering 98,000 people die from preventable medical errors each year. More Americans die each month of preventable medical injuries than died in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In addition, a federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study concluded that 99,000 patients a year succumb to hospital-acquired infections. Almost all of those deaths, experts say, also are preventable.

These numbers are not absolutes. There is no definitive study — which is part of the problem — but all of the available research indicates that the death toll from preventable medical injuries approaches 200,000 per year in the United States.

Ten years ago, a highly publicized federal report called the death toll shocking and challenged the medical community to cut it in half — within five years.

Instead, federal analysts believe the rate of medical error is actually increasing.

A national investigation by Hearst Newspapers found that the medical community, the federal government and most states have overwhelmingly failed to take the effective steps outlined in the report a decade ago.

Hearst also found that in states like California that have put some regulations in place, hospitals often ignore the rules without penalty.

Consequently, over that period, as many as 2 million Americans have died needlessly of preventable medical mistakes."

Why were these problems never addressed? I will bold the relevant section.

Back in November 1999, the report titled “To Err Is Human” was issued with the highest of hopes. Its authors believed it promised the start of a revolution in patient safety.

The report certainly sparked awareness of the scale of the problem. But some of its authors say the revolution was doomed by a lack of political leadership and the health care lobby's vested interest in maintaining business as usual, especially secrecy surrounding dangerous medical errors.

In other words, the healthcare industry, through their lobbyists ensured a lack of political leadership to address the problem.

The swine flu however is highly profitable. I wonder did the lobbyists ensure the political leadership addressed the H1N1 issue head on
Here is a just a sampling of headlines telling readers the pharmaceutical companies are reaping the benefits.

Novartis sees faster growth, H1N1 boost in Q4
It is turning out to be a better year for big drugmakers like Novartis than initially feared, thanks to hefty price increases and windfall sales from swine flu

Companies reap the swine flu windfall

Healthcare companies are reaping the benefits of a global swine flu pandemic, brightening what might otherwise have been a dismal third quarter and bringing new focus on the market for vaccines. (the market for vaccines, something to be sold to you, like a car)While swine flu has killed about 4,000 worldwide in 191 countries and send thousands home sick to suffer alone with its symptoms, the H1N1 swine flu virus may prove very lucrative for drug maker GlaxoSmithKline Plc. (GSK).
Glaxo’s Swine Flu Windfall
While swine flu has killed about 4,000 worldwide in 191 countries and send thousands home sick to suffer alone with its symptoms, the H1N1 swine flu virus may prove very lucrative for drug maker GlaxoSmithKline Plc. (GSK).


  1. This makes me think of the 'guns don't kill people - doctors do!!'

    Of course this isn't even touching on the deaths related to pharmaceuticals every year!!

    Legal drugs KILL more than illegal ones do.

    Crazy f*n world.

  2. worth a read whilst we're on the subject...


  3. nope, it is not even touching on the deaths from pharmaceuticals.

    And I will notice the msm doesn't mention that either.

    On a personal note: went to the docs yesterday, and who was sitting in there? Drug rep from GSK.

    I think very nearly every time I go to the docs, the drug rep is in the office.
    Now, I don't go very often, therefore, I am asking, how often are the drug reps at each individuals office?

    I also know from a family member who is employed at a GP, the drug reps by lunch, for everyone and sometimes bear gifts.

  4. Anyone see the front page of the Toronto Sun today ? A 13 year old boy supposedly died from Swine Flu.

    I wonder what else was wrong with him. People laughed as if I was a fool when I said "maybe they killed him". But they killed 3000 people on Sept 11, practically live on TV right in front of us.

    Not so far out really. It would make big pharma a fortune in scare.

    Maybe we will find out what other condition the kid had. Sad. Too many little kids die from old person illnesses.

  5. hey all check out edo's blog
    he has a short video up called
    "The love police"

    I even made it easy for you to 'share the love'

    I enjoyed it!

  6. Doug: it's odd that you mentioned him, because my hubby said, did you hear about that kid in TO?
    Saying he died of swine flu?
    and I said, yeah, I had. I read the news story on it and everything, with the pictures of his handsome young face.
    But, then I thought to myself, in light of this story I put up today, how many children are killed in avoidable medical deaths, and we never see their faces, never hear their names, and their deaths are hidden by healthcare coverups.
    It is all so tragic, but, are their deaths less tragic?
    I don't think so.

  7. Thanks for that Penny, it's a great clip isn't it?

    Big Pharma is ruthless. It cares only for its position, and those of its shareholders. Big Pharma has incredible power within the medical establishment, which, in itself is totally compromised.

    But then, it's only business, right?

  8. Dig it - Anyone who's dying and happens to catch swine flu, died of swine flu. Anyone who has any ailment at all (knock knees, say) and gets tazered, died of the other ailment.

    Otherwise, you went to the doctors and there was a rep waiting? Wow. Everytime I go to the doctors the reps don't wait at all - they always walk right in. In fact, clothes and sample packs aside, it's the dead giveaway that they're a rep.

  9. FB

    Hi Penny, I found you from Nobody’s blog but I guess you know that from your stat counter by now. Isn’t it strange how the same names seem to turn up on followed links :-)

    Magdelena’s comment reminded me of the old adage that ‘Doctors bury their mistakes’; or maybe not if you are up to speed on the organs scandal at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital.




    98,000 people a year huh, using simple maths, which is all I am up to these days, that’s equivalent to a 9/11 every 11 days. Given this figure isn’t it remarkable how we haven’t had a ‘War on Medical Mistakes’. But we are having a war on swine flu it seems when this has caused one and a half days of terrorist activity over a year or so. It seems to me that people were better off when they ate healthier and used natural remedies. Now we have the chicken and egg situation of new diseases and allopathic medicines with the result that people are more afraid of not seeking medical help than stemming the flow of the pharmaceutical pump. Another figure I don’t have but would be kind of interesting to know, is how many deaths have occurred as a direct or indirect result of mind altering drugs. For example the perpetrators of every school shooting incident like Columbine High, were on some sort of psychiatric medication. When some teenagers go through the rebel without a cause phase it is easier to bang them on some sort of mind altering medication than to deal with the problem. And of course, you will never hear a word of complaint from big pharma.

    On an aside, I ran a small manufacturing business for eight years and I know first hand that corporate largess is not limited to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Tazering seems to have entered the conversation so I will make the quick observation that I believe that the video of the 80 year old woman that got tazered for refusing to show her driving licence to a bully cop was an info promo to say “this is one of the things we have got against you, and this is how we are going to use it, what have you got against us”?

    Now apologies out front for covering subjects from previous posts but since I have only just found your blog I will just repeat this comment from Dr Boyd Haley, a world authority on autism, talking on the subject of mercury in vaccines. “Any child injected with a Thymerisal containing vaccine is a biological train wreck”.


  10. Hi FB:
    I thought those were familiar initials ;)

    98,000 a year, yup! and that is just one aspect of the medical malaise.

    But just based on that alone, your right, you would think there would be a "war on ____"
    But there isn't.
    Because it is not profitable to big pharm/medical industry?

    While their lobbyists grease the palms of politicians making it worth their while to stay silent.

    And meanwhile people die.

    The swine flu, different story, the big pharm/med grease the palms of the politicians and reap the profits too.
    It is win/win for all parties concerned, except the taxpayer, who is bearing the cost and being used as a guinea pig.
    What cost will they bear down the road?

    Regarding the columbine shootings and their med connections.
    Maggie left a link here to scenario.


    check it out!

    did you see the video edo put up?
    but the one part where the fellow says to the cop, how many people have you used your electronic torture device on!
    rofl, I think I am going to refer to tasers as electronic torture devices because that is what they are, the name suits them much better, the taser, which is so innocuous.

    thanks for all the links to check out...that is great!
    as for thimerosol, I have some work to do on that subject

  11. Nobody: yup, the clothes, the GSK tag, the laptop with portable internet, the briefcase stuffed with drug info, it was all there.

    YOu know what I thought

    goddam, goddam the pusherman!
    yup their laurel canyon

  12. Hey Penny, I know what you mean, every time I go to Dad's Dr. I see a drug rep too.

    They don't wait, they stroll in with a smile. ;)

    A gf of mine worked at a neurologist's office and they got taken out - the whole office staff for lunch every Thursday - always somewhere quite nice. She'd give out free samples of the crap that got piled up at the office... oh those were the days, free supply of Advil...


  13. They are doing their best to create the hysteria that there will not be enough vaccines for everyone - getting everyone to hurry up and get theirs - presumably before the death tolls start rolling in.

    What kills me the most is that these doctors, scientists and lawyers actually think their genetic makeup is superiour from that of your average shit-shoveller. Not true - no basis for it, but many of them do believe that they are safe and that the NWO loves them because of this. Good luck with that.

  14. FB

    Hi Pen

    If you are interested in knowing more about mercury in vaccines then try this video from David Ayoub. He is a radiologist who decided there were better pickings on the lecture circuit and chose ‘autism and mercury in vaccines’ as his subject.


    Be prepared though, it is a 90 min marathon. Generally I found it good but it divides more or less exactly into two. The first half deals with more factual stuff. He says for instance that if a 3 month old baby was to be given a MMR shot and the doctor dropped and broke the syringe on the floor, the contents would be regarded as toxic waste. The second half is more conspiratorial and gets into the la la land of black helicopters (not that black helicopters don’t exist of course :-) so prepare to be selective. In the meantime, check out the Boyd Haley series of 10 min vids.

  15. For the first time since the Swine Flu hit the streets (ie, we were told to fear it on television, causing a panic and long lines for vaccines), I was asked the question tonight, while I played my weekly v-ball:

    So, you giving your daughter the flu shot?

    I looked her in the eye, and despite having overheard the group talk amongst themselves earlier, one of them characterising those who chose not to get it as "idiots", I answered flatly, "NO". (I have a 10 month old daughter)

    I only got silence, and no other questions followed.

    I really wished they had asked, tried to get a discussion going, because it would have been easy for me to talk about the myriad of things I know they wouldn't have researched like I have. Along with a questioning viewpoint most people NEED TO HEAR FROM tHEIR FELLOW MAN.

    So yes, I urge you all - stand up, be counted, talk loudly and confident, and do not be cowed by fearmongering.

    Down with propaganda, down with fear.

    All hail democracy (please note sarcasm)

  16. thanks FB!
    I will check that all out!

    and slozo all hail democracy (sarcasm duly noted)
    someone asked me if I had gotten the flu shot, having gone to the docs just this week, I said no.
    She said aren't you going to?
    I said, I don't get the regular seasonal flu shot.
    and I am not getting the other one either.