Friday, November 27, 2009

Book-Swine Flu as a Millenium Fake:Chronicle of a Planned Disease

Swine Flu as a Millenium Fake, interesting title. An Australian virologist has his say in this new book.

According to Australian virologist Adrian Gibbs, the H1N1/A-Virus could be the product of a vaccine-plant or a lab. Gibbs, who considered this to be a possible explanation of the New Influenza, now published his findings in Virology Journal. By this he renewed “discussion about the origins of the pandemic virus”

“the new pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus, which was discovered in Mexico and the U.S. in April [2009], may be the product of 3 strains from 3 continents that swapped genes in a lab or a vaccine-manufacturing plant”.

The spread of Swine Flu (New Influenza) has ignited a unique, global process: Never before have been vaccines marketed so fast and with so few long-term clinical data on possible risks and side effects. Only a few months after virologists identified the virus H1N1 / A, the Geneva-based World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic status of the disease. This decision seems more than unusual for two reasons.

1-Firstly, the emergence of novel strains of a virus is not new.

2-On the other hand the burgeoning swine flu in Mexico proved to be a relatively harmless version of a new influenza virus.

However, the activism of the WHO had far-reaching consequences. Almost instantly precisely those antiviral agents moved into the focus of public health authorities, which had proved to be increasingly ineffective against conventional flu viruses before Swine flu started. The WHO helped - intentionally or not- pharmaceutical manufacturers to an unexpected comeback of their antiviral old guard.

The book named “Swine Flu as a Millenium Fake” is written in German but contains important pages also in English.

There is one review of this book available at Amazon. I put the review through google translate and this is what we get

As I read it, the reviewer seems to be implying that the actions taken by the WHO seemed to directly benefit pharmaceutical giants. (Hmm, I wrote about that yesterday) Particularly with the sales of anti-virals. And the reviewer notes this would be exciting if it was something new, but, it is not.


  1. Just a piece of info that goes to show how deep big-pharma is involved in politics.

    This article shows beyond any doubt that Roselyne Bachelot, Frances' Minister of Health worked for big pharma companies (SoguiPharm, Ici-Pharma, Astra-Zaneca) as lobbyist. Her official CV is of course expunged of that piece of info and when confronted with it, she flees like the true cowards these politicians are. That would not be that bad if she wasn't shilling for vaccination as she is doing.
    Fun part, I've seen the PR operation of Bachelot in mainstream media but there was not even a hint at the fact that she fled when confronted with her past.

  2. Bonjour Gallier!

    I had to put the article through translate, which is not that hot, but, I get the idea.

    Here is the link to the translate version if anyone else is interested

    The health minister of france was a lobbyists for 12 years for the pharmaceutical industry.
    And of course, that part of her career is hidden.
    And now since she is health minister, she just carries on the job of the lobbying, in an official capacity.

    The longer I blog, the worse it gets!


    Did you see the piece I had about about the House(US) parroting the lobbyists line?

    And the tone of the article?
    Amazing, what a bipartisan surprise.
    No surpise at all.

    I shake my head, and then shake it some more.

  3. Sorry, I only superficially followed the blogs. I had some real work to do. The little time I had to surf was dedicated mainly to climategate. Which is big, it is imho the biggest scandal ever, it is starting to get traction and I hope it will be the trigger to wake up people to the program of global gouvernment. This is conspiracy PROOF!!!

  4. Gallier, Yeah, I am aware of climate gate, I have post up about the topic.
    It is a big scandal I agree, but, not one the media is giving much time of day to.
    What else is new?

    I haven't seen much media coverage in the North American news btw.

    I think in Britian and Australia it may be getting some msm coverage, but US and Canada, I have seen nothing except on line, via those two countries and the blogs.

    I have been trying to read up on the news of the code that was manipulated somehow to ensure the results.

    but, I am not getting it 100 percent.

  5. I know that you had a post on it. The thing is, MSM will not be able to contain and ignore it, as they are currently trying. It will not go away, there are lawsuites looming. Mar my words. Maybe I'm wrong, but there is to much (visible) money involved. You see, black money of shady CIA dealings, kickbacks on arms deal etc. are scandalous, big, but almost invisible to the system, so it is very difficult for people who want to do something to do something (as they are isolated they can also be stopped easily).
    In the case of climategate, there is a lot of public money, a lot of players and foul playing can not be done as easily.

  6. Gallier, I do apologize for missing this last comment.

    I do hope that you are correct about this scandal not going away.

    It is shameful that so much money has been spent to perpetuate a fraud.

    I understand what you are saying about the "black money" vs taxpayer dollars.

    It is definitely harder to trace money that is not meant to be traced.

    Like money from opium in Afghanistan, funding operations eh?

    If you find anything of interest on climate gate, let me know?

  7. Here I have a good one

  8. gallier, i an going to bring that one forward, probably tomorrow.
    Did you see the post world bank climate profiteer. It is a newer onc, you may find it interesting.


    Just to show that climategate has an impact. It's slow, but it's deep.