Friday, November 27, 2009

Canada's denial of torture knowledge- Preposterous

New allegations of torture in Afghanistan
check the date of this reporting- staff | Jun 7, 2007

That my friends is 2-1/2 years ago, and notice, this is not the first reporting of allegations of torture.

Two more prisoners claim abuse following transfer to Afghan authorities
Similar allegations in April led the Conservative government to sign a revised transfer agreement with Afghanistan – one that gives Canadian and human rights officials “full, unrestricted, and private” access to prisons to monitor the treatment of detainees transferred into Afghan custody by Canadian troops, which is how these latest allegations surfaced.

They came to light during an appearance by several ministers in front of a Commons’ committee on Wednesday, where they answered questions about the recent detainee controversy.

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay stressed that the allegations of torture are linked to Afghan authorities, not Canadian soldiers.

Peter MacKay, the apologist even back then..... Well, were just handing them over to be tortured, it's not that bad?

Canada should "reconsider the issue of whether or not we should be transferring detainees to the Afghan forces if these kind of allegations continue to surface." But they were unable to press Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor into confirming the number of detainees captured by Canadian forces thus far.
Which is interesting, because as the article went on 2 -1/2 yrs ago

A list was mentioned-

A list produced by the United States which includes the names, birth dates and home countries of hundreds of prisoners, mostly from Afghanistan. They demanded (Liberals) to know why the Pentagon has not been equally hesitant to release information.

But, the Defense Minister of Canada was unable to confirm the number of detainees handed over?

I also note war monger Rick Hillier is on the job, there will be no truth from him.


On a side note, this must seem like déjà vu all over again to Scott Gilbert, a former Editor of thecannon who has been furiously sending out emails to the University of Guelph administration and media since last week.

Last January, Gilbert was at the centre of a controversy for language he used in an opinion piece criticizing the university's decision to honour General Hillier with its Lincoln Alexander Outstanding Leader Award.

In addition to calling Hillier a war criminal, Gilbert wrote that having U of G honour Canada's top solider was akin to "giving an award to Paul Bernardo for his exceptional work with youth." The piece was later edited to remove the most inflammatory remarks, but the original version lives on in discussion boards and blogs.

Now, Gilbert is claiming a certain vindication. One email, titled "UoG honours war criminal – epilogue" contained links to recent articles about Colvin's allegations. In another, he demanded to know whether the university would rescind Hillier's award if he's found to be "complicit in the torture of civilians."

"Grab a copy of the Toronto Star today to see the words 'War Crimes' in huge letters. Was my use of the term months ago so unjustified and purely opinion?" he asked"

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