Monday, November 2, 2009

Canada's Tainted Blood Scandal

Time for a flashback, and it seems to be a timely one.

The scandal that left thousands of Canadians infected with HIV and Hep C.

More than 1,000 Canadians became infected with blood-borne HIV, and up to 20,000 others contracted hepatitis C after receiving tainted blood products. It's not clear how many people have died as a result, but the death toll was 3,000 as of 1997.

November 1985: Canadian Red Cross begins testing blood products for the AIDS virus.
Dec. 14, 1989: Federal government announces $150 million in compensation for about 1,250 Canadians infected with HIV through blood transfusions or blood products.
July 19, 1993: A federal health official says the government knew before July 1984 that blood products for hemophiliacs were contaminated with HIV.
Sept. 15, 1993: Provinces and territories announce a compensation plan for people who contracted the AIDS virus from contaminated blood and their families.
Sept. 16, 1993: Tory Health Minister Mary Collins announces inquiry to recommend how to reform the blood system to make it safer and more efficient.
Dec. 21, 1995: The commission, headed by Justice Horace Krever, sends notices to the Red Cross, the federal and provincial governments, pharmaceutical companies and individuals, warning that they could be named for misconduct in the tainted-blood tragedy.
Nov. 26, 1997: Final report of Krever inquiry doesn't lay direct blame for tainted-blood scandal, but recommends people infected with disease through the blood system should get suitable compensation without having to prove fault.
March 27, 1998: Health ministers announce $1.2-billion federal-provincial compensation offer limited to victims infected by tainted blood from 1986 to 1990.
May 4, 1998: Ontario Premier Mike Harris announces Ontario will compensate those excluded from original federal-provincial offer.
May 6, 1998: Red Cross reaches agreement with provincial and territorial governments to transfer blood services to two new agencies, Canadian Blood Services and Hema-Quebec.
April 19, 2001: The Supreme Court rules the Red Cross was negligent managing the blood system in the early years of the AIDS crisis.
June 26, 2001: Ontario judge Warren Winkler approves $79-million Red Cross-led settlement for people infected by hepatitis C through tainted blood before 1986 and after July 1, 1990.
Oct. 2002: National Blood Safety Council releases report saying provinces need to assume greater role in monitoring blood supply and ensuring safety.
Nov. 20, 2002: RCMP lays charges, including criminal negligence causing bodily harm, against four doctors, the Red Cross and an American pharmaceutical company.
Feb. 6, 2006: Criminal trial against Perrault, doctors, and pharmaceutical company begins.
Oct. 1, 2007: A verdict is heard.
That verdict? Everyone acquitted.


  1. Breaking news Winnipeg, Manitoba is out of life saving vaccine,people are being turned away at the clinics, oh whoa is us, now we here in the west are all gonna die shonuff.

    But on a brighter note I may still yet get to use my brand new wheel-barrow and bell.

  2. Silv, never let the dream die


    I was talking with someone about the whole H1N1 thing, and we got talking about this, the tainted blood scandal, and how the government knew about the tainted blood, but kept quiet about it,,, until people started dying, becoming ill.

    I mean why?
    What were they thinking?
    Is this typical reactive thinking on their part, oh well we'll deal with it if we must.
    What about the roll of doctors and pharmaceticals?
    Where did the buck stop with them?
    Where was the accountability?
    Then I thought of this mass H1N1 vaccine push.
    Is this another scandal waiting in the wings where no one will be responsible for anything, and the injured will receive paltry pay offs for their one shot at life, ruined.

  3. Funny thing, Skye got into an argument with one of the girls that she works with to the effect that this woman said getting the shots was very important and she and her kids would be getting both the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 shot as soon as they were available. Well they got them on Saturday and are now sicker than shit house rats and can’t work or go to school. Gee I wonder why.

    DING DING DING, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!Limited gravesites available,so get yer plot before the shot , Children under twelve buried at half price.
    This message brought to you by Grabem, Jabem and Slabem, inc (some limitations may apply).

  4. I didn't think of this. No mind reading capabilities. LOL.

    - Aangirfan

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