Monday, November 16, 2009

Change in Tactic?- Less Swine Flu Hype from the top doc.

David-Butler Jones, has made a "360" from his talk just a few weeks back.
H1N1 no deadlier than regular flu: top doctor

"OTTAWA -- Despite the recent surge in H1N1 deaths, the nation's chief public health officer says the pandemic virus appears no deadlier than regular seasonal influenza and that there could actually be substantially fewer flu deaths than normal this season.""When you do take this disease seriously, you can actually dramatically reduce the number of people with severe illness and death," Dr. Butler-Jones said. "So the usual 2,000 to 8,000 range (of flu-related deaths) that we see with seasonal flu, we might actually be able to reduce that substantially."

Experts said the rates of serious illness and death are far from the levels predicted for a novel pandemic virus and that, based on the information available up until now, H1N1 is not on track to causing disease and death on the scope or scale of the flu pandemics of the 20th century.

Yet, today David Butler Jones says, this flu season will likely have substantially fewer deaths.
It can't have been the vaccine program, because the majority of Canadians have not been vaccinated against H1N1.

Despite the hardsell by Public Health Canada, the manipulative means of getting H1N1 diagnosis, the constant fear mongering by the media and the massive profits for vaccine makers, this flu season may actually be an extremely mild one.

But then what was the Difference between Seasonal and H1N1 flu ?

I couldn't see one, could you?

When you have wasted lots of tax payer dollars hyping a pandemic, to justify massive vaccinations, why not just throw the vaccinations out? What difference does it really make?

Some health authorities across the country have tossed out hundreds of doses of the swine flu vaccine because of miscalculations over how many of the time-sensitive dosages are needed at community clinics.


  1. I knewit,I knewit I knewit, told yuh so,told yuh so told yuh so, neener neener Neeeener.

  2. how far this has swung the other way, eh silv??

    from calls for the military to vaccinate the population and how bad canadians are going to ruin christmas, to a complete about face.

    Less deaths then normal, lots less.

    whose got egg on their face?

  3. Next it will be “GET YOUR ANTI HEMORROID VACCINE” cuz like god knows we have enough Preparation H as in Hysteria stupid shill ASSHOLES like David the Butler to big pharma Jones running around and we really don’t need to be infected with more of his BULLSHIT. Luckily I’m immune to this kind of crap so I won’t be getting this shot either.

    I wonder what his next job will be? Maybe selling glass fly swatters to Eskimos, or perhaps Nit Combs to skin heads, who knows, but rest assured whatever the asshole does, he won’t be any better at it than anything else that he has done.

  4. Speaking of the anti-hemorroid vaccine,(preperation Hysteria) ya know that will make your eyelashes fall out.

    But have no fear the drug for your eye lashes is here.

    The commercial featured brooke shields all dolled up.

    And the medical condition this is for...wait for it
    "inadequate eyelashes"


    The commercials also downplay dangers while promoting the drugs as lifestyle enhancers.

    I saw it, you'll be the belle of the ball, for just 100 dollars a month, and if you stop taking it, well plain old ordinary eyelashes

    "For about $100 a month, you could have the long, thick, dark eyelashes that you've always wanted."