Monday, November 30, 2009

The Chilcot Inquiry- What is the point?

I have been reading up on this inquiry. Honestly, I don't think anything at all will come of it.
Blair lied? Obvious.
The 'intelligence', was NOT. Anyone paying attention, would already know this.
The war was a grab for energy resources? And this.
The war benefitted Israel? That won't be mentioned.
There were no WMD's? Already known, and was known before the attack.
The only thing that I can see will come out of this inquiry.
The government of Gordon Brown will be finished, and a Conservative government is guaranteed a win in the next election.

Critics are asking what exactly can be achieved by Sir John Chilcot's inquiry into the Iraq war.

There is an absolutely brilliant response from a reader there. One, who get's it.
I'm including some excerpts..... including his/hers forecast for the outcome.

This Inquiry is no more than a puppet show. It is a powerless panel set up to mollify the British people over the critical matter of how Britain became involved in the Overthrow of Iraq.
It is utterly useless because it is denied any legal powers. Had it such powers it would be able to do a truly thorough and genuine investigation into what went on in the halls of power behind closed doors and determine what decisions were made, when, and by whom and whether or not these were legitimate decisions based upon sound facts and therefore appropriate, reliable and warranted the actions which were taken. Was there any evidence that there was very serious consideration and assessment of what the formidable consequences and impact would be in real terms on Britain’s economy and the lives of the British people. Only then should consideration, if any have been given to the entire idea.

Sir John Chilcott has stated that this war was “Legal”
(He supported the invasion, is he really going to indict himself ? He already served on the Butler review, and what came of that? This, was the conclusion: "key intelligence used to justify the war with Iraq has been shown to be unreliable" Wow!)

I have the strongest doubts about the veracity of this statement as I cannot conceive of it being legal for any nation to contrive an imagined potential immediate threat posed by another nation without any credible proof that this is in fact the truth and then execute a presumptive strike on it on a false pretext. The US had NO intelligence information on Iraq at the time and had not attempted to gather any over the proceeding 10 years. More to the point, there was no evidence that such weapons were in existence even as the US was beating the drums of war and inspectors were on the ground in Iraq finding nothing. World opinion, international Organizations and world forums were totally opposed to an American invasion of Iraq. SO! The process by which Tony Blair’s government sent Britain to war may well reveal actions on the part of many in high office which were inappropriate, unlawful and politically self serving resulting in factually unsupported decisions and questionable votes in favor of it. Votes not in keeping with the known facts.

The Forecast
This contrived inquiry will end with meaningless opinions, declarations stating that "Mistakes" were made, vagaries as to who might have in part been responsible and useless recommendations and conclusions as to how to put the Humpty Dumpty together again.
There will be NO accountability and therefore there will be no changes in the way things are done in the halls of power and the future of the nation and its citizens will remain in the hands of people unqualified to assess the nation’s vulnerabilities and needs and those of the British people. Leaders responsible enough not to sell Britain’s integrity, its people’s safety and future to appease any country. This Inquiry is Britain’s Watergate Hearings. Which in the end yielded tens of volumes of Governmental Mythology and allowed Nixon and his rogue administration to walk away with Pardons and no accountability for brazen attempts to destroy democracy and undermine all that they were sworn to protect. American failure to establish accountability then , ultimately yielded a corrupt power structure and made it possible for the George Bush administration to do all the damage they did and leave behind the colossal mess we are now in.


  1. Gordon Browns government is already finished. Unless David Cameron strangles animals on live tv the conservatives have it in the bag.

    We've had whitewash after whitewash in the uk. Nobody with any sense wanted the Iraq war in the first place which is why millions of people in this country marched against it. Blair was an obvious liar, his dodgy dossiers fooling no-one. There's nothing to choose between the parties as they're both bought and paid for and don't represent the people in any way.

    What is the point? going through the motions as usual. I did actually fall asleep watching Sir Jeremy Greenstock give evidence on friday. Still there's always the chance that Tony Blair will turn up and go mental and start confessing to stuff, probably not though even though he is well over the edge. Blair is one of the most hated persons in the land and I very much doubt whether it will ever be safe for him to walk down any street here.

  2. Hi John:

    I figured as much from following the news, this should be the final nail in the coffin.
    But, If I recall correctly the Conservative party supported the attack, why should they be rewarded with a win?
    Especially since the dossiers were so dodgy, the conservative should have known and been vocal.

    "There's nothing to choose between the parties as they're both bought and paid for and don't represent the people in any way"

    I think that is a problem all over.

    You fell asleep watching the evidence of Friday, well there may be a benefit in that Brits will be well rested?

    Tony Blair is likely a psychopath, I think there was a recent news article saying most politicians are. Or that they have common traits with psychopaths?
    I mean, would that surprise anyone, really?

    But, if he would show up and confess all, he would likely be locked away....for his own good, of course.

  3. God, the image of Blair 'going mental' made my day. You wonder why no one ever does go over the edge and just have a full meltdown. If anyone was to do it would be Blair. He always looked close to the edge to me. Kind of brittle, you know what I mean?

    Anyway if he was locked in a room with me, I'd have him in tears in about fifteen minutes I reckon.

  4. Nobody!
    I can't imagine you are that cruel?