Friday, November 20, 2009

Coca Cola to sponsor advice about soft drinks and health

Because, the consumption of soft drinks and good health go hand in hand, right?
Wrong, but apparently the American Academy of Physicians, thanks to their six figure alliance with Coke, thinks they do.
Joking? I wish I was. Read on.. Full story here

Advice about soft drinks and health from one of the US's largest doctors groups will soon be sponsored by Coke.

The American Academy of Family Physicians has prompted outcry and lost members over its new six-figure alliance with the Coca-Cola Co.

The deal will fund educational materials about soft drinks for the academy's consumer health and wellness website.

That website is
When you go to that website, and click on the banner at the top, the one that says Pround Partners of, you will see this

Partners include:

Coke Live Positively
"Our partnership [with AAFP and] will help provide Americans with credible information on beverages and enable consumers to make informed decisions about what they drink based on individual need.”
-- Dr. Rhona Applebaum
Vice President & Chief Scientific and Regulatory Officer
The Coca-Cola Company

Does anyone really think that "credible information" will be offered, for consumers to make informed choices?

This hearkens back to the good old days when the American Medical Association used to recommend smoking cigarettes, for good health of course!

Here is an old advertisement promoting cigarette smoking. Perhaps they can recycle this idea for the healthy promotion of Coca-Cola drinking?


  1. Six figures was it? That's less than a million dollars.

    They're not just whores, they're cheap whores.

  2. I don't drink coke, or any other carbonated bevvies, but I did find this great drink called 'Vitamins and water'.

    So, I asked my local convenience store guy (a total sweetie) if he could stock it.

    OMG what a nightmare I made for him.

    He wasn't allowed to put it within 2m of any coke products. Then there was a 'supply' problem. Then he had heard that Coke had bought the company out, and while he could then stock it he HAD to carry ALL of the flavours.

    He hasn't bothered. I don't blame him.

    Last he heard coke was nixing the while line.


    Too bad, cuz it was really good. NO aspartame, no artificial colourings or flavours, no carbonation (what is up with that and what's it carbon footprint???). Anyway, it was a reasonably healthy drink one could buy on the run, which wasn't owned by Coke or Pepsi (or any BIG corp).

    It's gone.

  3. cheap whores is right, but maybe given history of the AMA, cheap whores is what they have always been.