Friday, November 6, 2009

The curious case of 6 poisoned Harvard Scientists

This is a curious news story. Was it a simple accident? Some sloppiness in the lab? Did they become the guinea pigs, or in this case the mice?

Six Harvard bio-weapons scientists, who research into how diseases interact with the immune system were poisoned. Were they bio-weapons scientiests? That even seems to be contradictory. With claims of them being lab workers, or medical school employees.

Then to make incident that much more interesting, the poisoning took place in August, but it is just being reported on within the last week. It seems Harvard is trying to keep it quiet and have it remain an internal matter? Why? What was going on at the lab? What was the nature of the research?

Harvard Probes Poisoning at Med School Lab

Excerpts from an internal memo that was leaked

"As the investigation continues, we are being prudent and taking additional precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of our community"

"we are in the process of installing additional security cameras throughout our buildings, and we are strengthening the security systems that manage access to the laboratories during both normal business hours and off hours,"

The coffee was found to contain sodium azide, a cyanide-like preservative used in medical labs.

Employees have been told not to speak to the media, but before the news blackout, one doctor told the Herald, "It looks to me that some substance was put into the coffee."

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  1. Whilst sodium azide is one of the more controlled substances in any lab mistakes do happen but to get any appreciable amount out of a lab and into a coffee machine is just a little hard to imagine. I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen only that it shouldn’t have happened by mistake.

    Perhaps the handling of hazardous substance protocols at Harvard are less than sterling, who knows?

  2. I get the impression Harvard doesn't think it is accidental either.

    In their memo they are installing cameras and increasing security.

    After they must have done some type of internal investigation at the very minimum, though it is likely that law enforcement of some type was involved and it may have been more then the local police, depending on what was going on at the lab..

  3. There have been many microbiologists killed since 9/11. Alex Jones used to report it. They probably discovered something they were not supposed to see or said something they were not supposed to say.

  4. Yes Doug and perhaps it was just a fuckup, stranger things have happened.

    People make mistakes in Med and Bio labs every day, not everything has a dark side.
    Not defendending just saying.

  5. The breadth and scope of this conspiracy is really unbelievable. The amount of knowledge of it is also unreal. I first heard of it in my early 20's. I just read about it in Fyodor Doestovsky's "The Idiot" which was published in the middle 1800's. He talks of the Apocolypse and the (3rd I believe) horsemen with the forth soon to follow(Death). Death started with the 100 years of war that started with world war 1.