Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear John: Film Screenings and news updates

Some of you may remember way back a post on the closure of John Deere in Welland, ON.

The closing of just this one operation in this city has affected 800 families. Not to mention the spin off effect that will be felt through other business's in the local community.
Besides the hardship it brings to the city of Welland, the devastation caused by another closure of a manufacturing facility, it is symbolic of a much larger issue. That is the issue of globalization and the effects of this ill-conceived ideology on far to many people.

Globalization and the movement towards it, from where I sit, has done nothing for the vast majority of persons on this planet. It has served to enrich the very few and subject the masses equally to increased exploitation on a global scale, devastate work forces, impoverish people, loot their savings, put at risk people's pensions....well you get the idea.

That said, the producer of Dear John has asked me to help out, and I am more then glad to do so.

Hi Penny!

Just wanted to let you know, that our trailers (thanks to your help and the help of like-minded bloggers) have reached over 25,000 Hits on Youtube.

We've also been accepted into the Canadian Labour International Film Festival which will be screening all across Canada (and even parts of the U.S.) our film will be premiered at one of the venues in Toronto on November 28th at the Bloor Cinema. We will also be screened in Victoria BC, Cowichan BC, and Sudbury Ontario. More locations and venues will be announced by the end of this week at the official CLiFF website. (

Can't thank you enough Penny it's been a fantastic journey and I know the workers appreciate kindness and interest like yours. I'll let you know more information when I can. And thanks again!


Charles Smith
If you are near any of these places go see the film.
Here is their website "Dear John" , where I am certain they will keep everyone interested, up to date on info regarding showings in their area.


  1. Has anyone asked just exactly why John Deere left Welland?

  2. Yup, they moved to Mexico.

    It had nothing to do with profitability, the company was profitable at it's location.

    It was just not profitable enough.

    The workers in fact worked to produce even more John Deere Products which are now being moved down to Mexico, while employees are trained and the new plant get's up and running.

    This way there was enough inventory to cover orders.

    The car manufacturers are doing the same thing.
    THey will then ship products up the new NAU highways.

  3. Apparently the welland plant also had an excellent safety record.
    I just went to do some reading up on the subject.