Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fired by Gordon Brown for truth telling in the "war on drugs"

Because the "war on drugs" has always been a political one not a factual one, not a realistic war, a pretend war, so the duped population, (while popping their tranquilizers, drinking their alcohol and smoking their cigarettes) can feel better that those scum bag drug dealers are being cleaned up from our streets!

This incident makes that abundantly clear.

Professor David Nutt was fired by the Brown Government in Britian.

"He was asked to go because he cannot be both a Government adviser and a campaigner against Government policy. This principle is well understood and long established"

In other words, as long as you regurgitate the political line, your in!
However, science was on his side.

The sacking of Professor David Nutt as chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (report (October 31) is clearly wrong. The science is on his side.

Or as this fellow said

Alan Johnson and the prime minister do not wish to have an advisory council which actually advises, which provides objective information that may run counter to what they believe they can get away with politically

What did he say that was so bad?

Nutt has argued that all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, should be ranked by a "harm" index, with alcohol coming fifth behind cocaine, heroin, barbiturates and methadone. According to Nutt, tobacco should rank ninth, ahead of cannabis, LSD and ecstasy.

In other words he questioned the "artificial" separation of alcohol and tobacco from illegal drugs.

But, that can't be done, how dare he! Doesn't he know there is a war on! A "war on drugs" being fought all the time. Not a war on alcohol or tobacco or prescription drugs!
These pushers have such dam good lobbyists!

A "war on drugs" that politicians for political reasons deem dangerous for reasons that have nothing to do with their actual danger.

A war on drugs, that has been being fought for years and years, money has been spent, huge law enforcement budgets justified, over crowded and costly penal systems must be run, to spend taxpayers dollars for a war that will never be won, can't be won, and is never intended to be won!


  1. As you already know Penny, it was this 'War on (some) Drugs' which helped to initially open my eyes to the vast lies and conspiracies which are so prevalent within our society.

    The corruption which inevitably follows under ANY kind of prohibition reeks like last week's fish guts.

    Gotta say though, clearly this man had to go - as he was NOT following SOP!!

    Smoke em if you can (or vapourise! bake or butter!! hee hee)

    Buffy the Bongholder

  2. He was sacked because he spoke the truth, which has never been very popular around here.

    Some of his colleagues have resigned in protest at his sacking. We don't see politicians resigning very often.

  3. Oh! Hope you get well soon too Penny.

  4. Was going to leave a long message of appreciation, but, decided that since being stoned, and writing a load of nonsense, I'd delete and just leave this. Well done Prof Nutt, sorry you've lost your job.

  5. Legalise drugs! Good God! Does this fellow not know how much money is made precisely BECAUSE the drugs are illegal? Legalise them and then where's the profits? Eh? Eh? He can't answer that can he?

    But seriously, a 'harm index' - what a brilliant idea. All drugs sold in licensed premises to anyone over the age of eighteen, with the top tier of harmful drugs requiring a variety of prescription from a doctor. Simple stuff.

    And God bless a fellow who'll quit his job over a principle. They're rare beasties, and no mistake.

  6. Hey all, and john thanks,feeling better today, not great but better.

    There really appears to be no place in government for truth tellers.

    Not if you want to keep a job anyway.

  7. Its surprising that most Canadians have no idea how much drugs are comming out of Afghanistan. The UN figures last year were 700 billion (they are bragging) but one of the Toronto Star articles last week said 65 billion. Such liars.

    Penny, a book that I think you would really like is a book called One World Socialist Dictatorship by Dr. John Coleman. He talks about the elite control of the music industry as well as Canadian Banks (RBC) being heavily involved in drug money laundering. It seems that Canada is a world capital for this sort of thing.

    You cannot buy it at the bookstores but you can still get it on the web or download it free at

    You can take these PDF's to Staples and get them printed and bound for easy reading at seven cents a page + about $2.00 for a binding. I do this all the time with law/redemption books.