Monday, November 30, 2009

"How we failed to get Bin Laden" And why it matters?

Here is the latest on the war on terror mascot- Osama Bin Laden.
"Tora Bora Revisited: How We Failed To Get Bin Laden And Why It Matters Today"

Here's why it matters, today...
Spin, propaganda, manipulation of the masses- pure and simple.

Why would a report on an incident 8 years ago be released JUST prior to an expected announcement of US troop increases for Afghanistan?

Bringing out the mascot, have him on display and justify the surge in Afghanistan, which is going to lead inevitably in Pakistan.

Read the report, Page 19 in particular:

The impact of this threat is greatest in Pakistan, where
Al Qaeda’s continued presence and resources have emboldened domestic
extremists waging an increasingly bloody insurrection that
threatens the stability of the government and the region. Its training
camps also have spawned new attacks outside the region—militants
trained in Pakistan were tied to the July 2005 transit system
bombings in London and several aborted plots elsewhere in Europe.
(is the July 05 a wrong reference to the 7/7 bombings??)
Closer to home, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says two recent
suspected plots disrupted by U.S. authorities involved longtime
residents of the United States who had traveled to Pakistan
and trained at bases affiliated with Al Qaeda. One of the plots involved
two Chicago men accused in late October of planning to attack
the Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet
Mohammad. In the other, an Afghan-born man who drove a shuttle
bus in Denver was arrested on suspicion of plans to detonate improvised
explosives in the United States. Court papers said the
man had been trained in weapons and explosives in Pakistan and
had made nine pages of handwritten notes on how to make and
handle bombs.

See, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan.
With increased troops and weapons in Afghanistan, Pakistan is in sight.
And that is why Osama Bin Laden and the non-capture of him at Tora Bora matters.
Because the mascot for the war on terror, can be used to rouse support.

OH and btw Osama Bin Laden, is most likely dead. You can't catch dead people.


  1. They could always catch someone who looks a bit like bin Laden, wouldn't that do?

    Onwards to Pakistan, lets keep this money/death machine going.

  2. Yes, John I suppose they could always catch someone that looks like BinLaden, after all he lives on through countless, timely, video releases.

    And yes, onward to Pakistan, it surely looks that way.
    Once Afghanistan is "pacified" of course.