Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Israel getting ready to attack Lebanon?

It seems that way....

Lebanon readies for attack by Israel

Fighters rearm and reinforce positions in valleys amid fears that Israel is about to launch attack.
In dramatic further evidence of growing tensions, the Observer has learned that Hezbollah fighters have been busy reinforcing fixed defence positions north of the Litani river.

Why, you may ask?
It would seem to be warm up for the attack on Iran....
Less Lebanon come to Iran's aid?

Israel and the United States have long assumed that any military action against Iran's nuclear programme would draw a muscular response from its close allies in Hezbollah. According to Israeli military and intelligence analysts, any move against Iran would require a move first against (Lebanon) Hezbollah's capability to disrupt life in northern Israel with its rockets.


  1. You know, I wouldn't doubt that Israel will attack Lebanon again - she isn't content unless she has someone to bully into some kind of war or military action.

    I think the Jews got sold a massive bill of goods - all of which was rotten. They have been played by masters - and those masters are their worst enemies for they care not how many are 'sacrificed'. We see this all the time - whether it is justified anger at their collective or simply their own masters tossing them into the flames.

    Just as the Americans bought the LIE, so to have many Jews and Christians wrt the 'Chosen' people.

    Truly, we would all be so much better off without this weird 'hero' worship of various sky daddys or capitalist 'gods' (read $$$)


  2. Well, it depands on Lebanon's government and Hisbullah... they'll decide whether Israel to attack them or not.
    Don't tell us that you don't know !!!!!

  3. Actually Abe Bird, it has nothing to do with Lebanon, Israel will attack because that is what Israel does.

    Lebanon is preparing to be attacked by Israel in preperation for an attack on Iran...

    Israel is way outside of it's officialy recognized borders and Israel refuses to acknowledge it's borders because it has expansionist ambitions, as it always has.
    Israel attacks it's neighbours and steals other people's land.
    The maps say it all.

    Israel respects no international law, no treaties, no nothing.

    It brainwashes it's inhabitants into believing, note I said "believing" that they have some God ordained right to the land.

    God, doesn't give land to anyone.
    That is crazy talk.

    Thankfully some Israeli's recognize this reality.

    and one more thing.
    are you on the payroll??
    Promoting pro-Israel propaganda and being paid for it?