Monday, November 16, 2009

Israel in the News: Violent Haredi Protests and Annex the West Bank.

While were in the Middle East-

Violent Protests against Intel

A day after violent haredi protests rocked the offices of hi-tech giant Intel in the capital's Har Hotzvim industrial park, Mayor Nir Barkat and Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer on Sunday voiced unequivocal support for the company during an inauguration ceremony for its new International Die Prep-Jerusalem (IDPj) facility there

Meanwhile, The Jerusalem Post learned that the riots on Shabbat had been far worse than originally reported, and that in addition to the rocks and epithets hurled at journalists and other bystanders, haredim had broken into a synagogue on Intel's premises, thrown prayer books to the floor and used prayer stands to bash in the doors. (watch the video)

They apparently attacked a Palestinian journalist who came to cover the riots, but, the Israeli press didn't seem interested in reporting that one. Given the way Palestinians are abused by Israeli settlers, the IDF, the government..... no surprise there.
But this is not the first time these religious fanatics have attacked journalists, remember this one?
Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City

And one more:

Israel could annex more of the West Bank

An Israeli cabinet minister said on Monday Israel could annex more of the West Bank if Palestinians declared statehood without concluding a peace agreement.

"If the Palestinians take such a unilateral line, Israel should also consider ... passing a law to annex some of the settlements," Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told Israel Radio

Those settlements are illegal under international law, Israel has no right to them in the first place, never mind to annex them. Israel, remember the Palestinians have right of return.
Unless they decide otherwise and then there is the issue of compensation......
So much for Israel really wanting peace. Every action they take with regards to Palestine flies in the face of their claims.


  1. Israel is completely out of control and is wallowing in a mess of problems largely of their own making.

    By encouraging the radical settler movement and continuing to annex lands which DO NOT belong to them, they have dug themselves their own mass graves.

  2. I was thinking the same thing.

    Their messed up country is the product of messed up thinking, in the highest level of their government

    The radical settlers that Israel encouraged to move in to Palestinian land, have come at a cost to the country.

    Increased fanatacism for all.
    And as their religious "righteousness" grows, they will lash out at all who get in the way of them having the land "god promised" them.

  3. Hey Penny, my sky daddy just told me that I own YOUR house!!

    Better get packing!


  4. Yeah, well my sky daddy says I own yours now, let's fight!!!