Monday, November 23, 2009

Monsanto Pulls GM corn amid safety concerns

Monsanto Pulls GM Corn Amid Serious Food Safety Concerns Applicant's Dossiers Contained Wide-Ranging Fraudulent Research

"wide ranging and fraudulent research" I just like to point that out again.

For the first time, a GM multinational has pulled two GM corn varieties from the regulatory and assessment process at the eleventh hour (1), after planning for a future income of several billion dollars per year from global sales (2). Monsanto has abandoned its ambitious plans for a so-called "second generation GM crop" rather than accede to a request from European regulators for additional research and safety data (3).

Under conditions of great secrecy, Monsanto has informed EFSA that it no longer wishes to pursue its application for approval of GM maize LY038 and the stacked variety LY038 x MON810. Both of these varieties were designed to accelerate the growth rate of animals. Two letters were sent to EFSA from the Monsanto subsidiary company Renessen at the end of April this year confirming the withdrawal of its applications originally submitted in 2005 and 2006. The letters cite "decreased commercial value worldwide" and state that the high-lysene varieties "will no longer be a part of the Renessen business strategy in the near future."

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  1. This stuff must have really been toxic - like REALLY bad! For Monstanto to give up billions, this says alot.

    Meanwhile, our canola is ruined, soy is ruined, rice is ruined and sugar beets are toast.

    But hey, if 'they' are making money - it's all good eh???

    Great find btw - did you know they just finished mapping the corn genome?


  2. I heard it just wouldn't POP so Orvil Redinbacker pulled the contract.(wink)

  3. It must have been because not only did they withdraw, they took all their research so it could not be scrutinized.

    Sadly, this shit is approved in Canada, US, Japan.

    If you read the rest of the article, this stuff is toxic.

    One thing that came to mind reading this and thinking of H1n1
    how little of a role actual real science plays in the role of having things approved for human consumption.

    The science, the research, must have been really nasty, how did this toxic corn get approved for NA useage?

    Obviously not through science so it had to all boil down to political machination, ditto for H1N1 vaccines.

  4. Popcorn, one of my favourite snack foods....

  5. Penny - get off the popcorn, for your own sake. Look up "popcorn lung" to start following the trail, and see if that doesn't dissuade you!

    btw - I am sure that you, like most of your readers, have seen the zeitgeist movie. But have you seen the "Zeitgeist - Addendum"? It starts off going over a lot of the same stuff we've all seen before - money creation, corporatism, false paradigms, etc - but then delves into a unique perspective by midway. First, it looks at some of the root causes of our human misery and slavery; then, it looks at a proposed solution.

    Very interesting stuff, and I have lots of thoughts on it, would like to hear your take on it.

    Oh, here's the link - found it on a very cool site I randomly found:

    Keep up the fantastic research . . . I don't always have time to look through or comment on everything, but I get to it eventually.

  6. thanks slozo, I will check that out, I did way back start to watch that movie, I saw the first one from start to finish, but never saw that one entirely.

    I have will have to check out this popcorn lung, I used to pop it the old fashioned way, in oil and a pot, and it was better but got lazier for some reason, but, when i read up on this I may have to rethink that.