Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Omar Khadr - A Canadian Citizen tried in a US Kangaroo Court

I have a number of posts on this blog on Omar Khadr. ( click the Khadr label at the bottom for all of them)
I am of the opinion that Khadr shot no one.
He was found under the rubble of a bombed out structure, seriously wounded and the man, that in all likelihood, shot the medic was killed by US soldiers. A war crime on it's own.

I also think Canada has dragged it's feet and is an embarrassment on the international stage, with regards to getting Omar Khadr brought back to Canada

Khadr was arrested at 15 and has been held for 8 years without trial. He has been tortured, without a doubt, and Canada's government has been complicit in this shameful incident.

Khadr will face military trial, or a kangaroo court as this article says.
Omar Khadr heading for a kangaroo court

Protestors have been asking that he as a Canadian born person be returned to Canada, as every other country in the world has done for it's citizens.
Return Khadr to Canada

He is the only foreign national still being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison.
"Because he is a Canadian citizen and as other countries around the world have done, they brought these people home to their own countries to be tried under their systems," said Charlene Scharf, of Amnesty International.

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